What is the current version of Webroot?

At 4 NOV 2019 , webroot release 9.0.

Does Webroot have anti spyware?

All of Webroot’s packages include protections from malware, such as viruses, ransomware, phishing, keyloggers (who hack into your Wi-Fi connection to monitor your keyboard keystrokes), and spyware. Webroot also provides a firewall, a network protection monitor, and webcam security.

How do I know if I have the latest version of Webroot?

Click the My Account gear icon. Click the About SecureAnywhere tab. Click Check for updates. If a newer version of SecureAnywhere is available, Webroot downloads and applies the update.

Is there a Webroot removal tool?

In the top left corner of the screen, click Webroot SecureAnywhere. Click About SecureAnywhere. Click Uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere. A window will appear asking if you are sure you want to uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere, click Yes.

Does Webroot update automatically?

Each time you run a scan, your Webroot communicates with our cloud and download and applies any new determinations or updates to your machine. As long as your computer is connected to the internet, your protection is always current, as SecureAnywhere handles updates as soon as they become available.

How do I update Webroot on Mac?

With the Mac agent open and active, in the upper left corner, from the Webroot SecureAnywhere drop-down menu, select Check For Updates.

How do I update my Webroot SecureAnywhere?

To check for SecureAnywhere updates:

  1. Open SecureAnywhere.
  2. Click the Gear icon next to My Account.
  3. Click About SecureAnywhere.
  4. Click Check for software updates. If a newer version exists, Webroot downloads the update to your system.

How do I update my Webroot keycode?

  1. Open the SecureAnywhere interface (click the Webroot icon in the menu bar, then select Open Webroot SecureAnywhere from the drop-down menu).
  2. Click the gear icon next to My Account.
  3. Enter the new keycode in the keycode field and click Activate. Your new keycode will be now be activated.

How do I get rid of Webroot?

Webroot offers two cleanup tools that will remove all traces of the software from your system.

  1. Click the “Start” button on your desktop and select “Control Panel.” Click “Uninstall a Program.”
  2. Click the name of your Webroot product and then click “Uninstall.”