What is the abbreviation for an Air Force general?

Air Force

Commissioned Officers
O-10 general Gen.
O-9 lieutenant general Lt. Gen.
O-8 major general Maj. Gen.

How do you abbreviate 2d LT?

The rank corresponds to pay grade O-1. Abbreviations: 2LT (Army), 2ndLt (Marine Corps), 2d Lt (Air Force).

How do you abbreviate Lt Col select?

“Select” is not a rank – do not use Col. (Sel) John Smith. The correct title is Lt. Col.

How do you abbreviate Senior Airman?

Senior airman (SrA) is the fourth enlisted rank in the United States Air Force, just above airman first class and below staff sergeant.

What does USAF stand for?

United States Air Force
abbreviation. United States Air Force.

Does LT have a period?

Although the military puts the entire abbreviation in caps with no periods, it is standard for nonmilitary publications to use forms more familiar to readers, such as those in the Associated Press Stylebook. After a name, USA, USAF, USMC, USN are set off with commas: Lt.

What is the abbreviation for major general?

Army Ranks

Pay Grade Title Abbreviation
O-7 Brigadier General BG
O-8 Major General MG
O-9 Lieutenant General LTG
O-10 General GEN

Is there a senior rank in the Air Force?

Equivalent and senior ranks. The only United States Armed Forces rank senior to General of the Air Force is General of the Armies; Admiral of the Navy is also technically senior, but an official comparison between General of the Air Force and Admiral of the Navy has never been made by the United States military.

What are the abbreviations for the Air Force?

These include acronyms and abbreviations for military rank and positions: Brig Gen – Brigadier General CMSAF – Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force COMAFFOR – Commander, Air Force Forces CSAF – Chief of Staff of the Air Force EWO – Electronic Warfare Officer Lt Col – Lieutenant Colonel

Who is the only general in the Air Force?

General of the Air Force Arnold is the only individual in the U.S. Armed Forces to possess two five-star ranks and is the only airman to have a five-star rank. The Air Force currently declares that General of the Air Force is an active rank and it could again be bestowed at the discretion of the United States Congress.

Who is the Deputy Surgeon General of the Air Force?

Prior to her current assignment, Lt. Gen. Hogg served as Deputy Surgeon General and Chief, Air Force Nurse Corps, Office of the Surgeon General, Falls Church, Virginia. Lt. Gen. Hogg entered the Air Force in 1984 and has commanded at the squadron and group level, and served as the Deputy Command Surgeon for two major commands.