What is THC glass?

Shatter is a cannabis extract that is solid and translucent in appearance, as if you could shatter it like glass. It achieves its glass-like appearance through specific processing techniques involving solvents like butane or other hydrocarbons. “I like shatter, but wax is easier to scoop out of the container.”

What are good dabs?

Standard dabbing range: 545-570°F 545-570°F is a good overall range for most dabs, especially live resin, sugar resin, shatter, crumble, and rosin. Many e-nails give you a temperature reading for the heater coil, so account for some slight variation of heat transfer from the coil to the dabbing surface when using them.

Can you smoke reclaim wax?

Can you smoke reclaim? Great question. The short answer is: Yes, it is safe to consume reclaim, and yes, you will get high from it. According to MCR Labs, a state-certified cannabis testing lab in Massachusetts, reclaim still has the main active cannabinoids that promote physiological changes.

What to know when buying dabs?

Choose potency based on your experience and tolerance In order to buy high-grade dabs, you must first consider your tolerance level and frequency of use. New users can start off with CBD isolates such as CBDA crystals or a low or THC-free dab and build up to their desired effects.

What kind of glass is used in cannabis pipes?

As it stands, the glass market is currently split between automated mass-produced glass pipes and custom hand blown glass pipes. For many cannabis consumers, glass hand pipes have become a status symbol depending on how their pricing or how elaborate their embellishments are.

Where can I buy a concentrate glass pipe?

Our Concentrate Pipes are hand crafted and hand blown by local homegrown glass blowers across the United States. BadAss Glass is your 24/7 Online Head Shop – open 24/7.

What kind of glass do DAB pipes use?

Each of our Dab Pipes are made of the highest quality borsosillicate glass, providing strength and durability for each concentrate pipe. Choose from a great selection of our Dabbing Pipes including our concentrate pipes with nail and dome pieces. All our Dab Pipes are perfect for the dabber on the…

Which is the best online headshop for cannabis?

Smoke Cartel is an online headshop dedicated to delivering premium glass bongs, dab rigs and hand pipes of all stripes, vaporizers, dab pens and other cool counterculture tools. From hemp goods to herb grinders, travel pouches to butane torch lighters, we have the gear to make the perfect heady experience!