What is stock fencing?

Stock fencing is designed for use primarily in agricultural settings for the purpose of marking out perimeters or boundaries and containing livestock. It’s typically manufactured in a mesh style at regularly spaced intervals to prevent animals from passing through.

How high is a stock fence?

8-80-15 is one of the most popular patterns we sell, with its 8 line wires (8-80-15) giving a total fence height of 80cm (8-80-15) and vertical wires placed 15cm apart (8-80-15).

What does C8 80 15 mean?

C8-80-15 vertical wire stockfence in either 50M or 100Metre rolls, although we have ordered it in 300 & 500 metre rolls as well. Some people call this netting sheep netting or pig netting. C8 means there are 8 horizontal line wires. The 80 means it is 80 cm high & the 15 means it is 15cm between each vertical wire.

How do you secure stock fencing?

Twelve top tips for perfect fencing

  1. Guide your posts. Run a single strand of plain wire between your straining posts (situated at either end of the fence line).
  2. Tying-off.
  3. Avoid over-specified fencing.
  4. Straining posts.
  5. Dig deep.
  6. Get tension right.
  7. Barbed staples.
  8. High-tensile fencing.

What is the price of fencing wire?

Chain link fencing can cost $5 to $8.50 per foot installed. Woven wire fencing, for example, can cost $1.75 to $3 per foot installed. 4 to 10 strand smooth wire can cost $0.75 to $2 per foot, and this will depend on the number of wires needed.

What are the different types of wire fencing?

Common wire fence types include galvanized wire mesh, PVC coated hex wire, fixed knot field wire, barbed and non-barbed wire, high tensile smooth wire and welded wire panels.

What are the different types of wire garden fencing?

Single Twist Barbed Wire

  • Double Twist Barbed Wire
  • Traditional Twist Barbed Wire
  • Can chain link fence be welded?

    A chain link fence can be galvanized before being weaved or welded. If a chain link fence is galvanized before it is welded or woven, it is more likely to be more durable and long lasting. However, this type of fencing is challenging to find and comes with a higher cost than the average chain link fence.