What is Cronenberg famous for?

David Cronenberg, in full David Paul Cronenberg, (born March 15, 1943, Toronto, Ontario, Canada), Canadian film director, screenwriter, and actor, best known for movies that employed elements of horror and science fiction to vividly explore the disturbing intersections between technology, the human body, and …

What is David Cronenberg’s best film?

David Cronenberg’s 10 Best Films (According To Rotten Tomatoes)

  1. 1 The Fly (1986) – 92%
  2. 2 The Dead Zone (1983) – 91%
  3. 3 Eastern Promises (2007) – 89%
  4. 4 Fast Company (1979) – 88%
  5. 5 A History Of Violence (2005) – 87%
  6. 6 Spider (2002) – 85%
  7. 7 Shivers (1975) – 84%
  8. 8 Dead Ringers (1988) – 83%

Is Brandon Cronenberg related to David Cronenberg?

Brandon Cronenberg (born January 10, 1980) is a Canadian director and screenwriter. He is David Cronenberg’s son and Caitlin Cronenberg’s brother. He is known for his science fiction horror films Antiviral (2012), Please Speak Continuously and Describe Your Experiences as They Come to You (2019), and Possessor (2020).

What is David Cronenberg doing now?

Earlier, April 28: David Cronenberg is officially returning to feature filmmaking, seven years after the release of “Maps to the Stars.” A new report from Screen Daily confirms the “Dead Ringers” and “The Fly” filmmaker is gearing up for a 30-day shoot in Greece for a new science-fiction movie titled “Crimes of the …

Are there two versions of possessor?

Alternate Versions (1) Possessor exists as a cut US R rated version and an uncut MPA Unrated Version titled Possessor Uncut. The producers were keen to differentiate between the two versions and the ‘Uncut’ tag is an official re-titling of the film.

What happened to Cronenberg Rick and Morty?

These genetically-mutated creatures were made accidentally by Rick in the episode “Rick Potion No. 9” when he tried to turn the “Mantis-people” back into regular Humans. Everyone on Earth became Cronenbergs except for Jerry, Beth, and Summer, due to being closely related to Morty.

Why did David Cronenberg stop directing?

In a May 2016 interview, Viggo Mortensen revealed that Cronenberg is considering retiring due to difficulty financing his film projects.

Is Cronenberg retired?

David Cronenberg, though never officially retired, is in no rush to get back to filmmaking even after a six-year hiatus since the release of his Hollywood-skewering satire “Maps to the Stars.” Instead, the Canadian auteur, who is 77 years old, is reappraising his legacy at the moment, and in the form of a 4K …