What is conversant marketing?

Conversant, one of the leaders in personalized digital marketing, helps companies deliver interest-based advertisements. We help companies provide digital advertising in browsers and mobile applications in a variety of ways, such as banner ads and coupon codes.

Does Epsilon own conversant?

Conversant, which will operate under Epsilon, establishes a unique end-to-end marketing services company that will empower clients to more effectively market to their customers across all channels.

What does Epsilon data Management do?

Epsilon Data Management, LLC provides direct marketing services. The Company offers strategic consulting, marketing analytics, database, email and loyalty marketing technology, predictive modeling, proprietary data, and digital marketing services.

Where is epsilon based?

Epsilon to relocate its Irving headquarters – Dallas Business Journal.

How many employees does conversant have?

2,100 associates
As part of Epsilon, Conversant employs more than 2,100 associates in 17 offices worldwide. For more information, visit www.conversantmedia.com or follow us on Twitter at @Conversant.

Why did Publicis buy Epsilon?

Integration. Epsilon will become the unique data-tech platform of Publicis Groupe, to deliver personalization at scale. Its expertise in onboarding, enriching and activating clients’ first party data, its unique data sets and its vertical expertise in the Auto sector will be placed at the core of the Groupe.

Who owns Epsilon data?

Alliance Data
Publicis Groupe Holdings B.V.MMS USA Investments, Inc.
Epsilon Data Management, LLC/Parent organizations

Is Epsilon always positive?

The epsilon can represent all positive numbers. For instance, if we say 0.1 is very close to 0 and call it epsilon we are mistaken because 0.01 is smaller than 0.1. However, 0.01 is not the smallest positive number because 0.001 is smaller than 0.01.

Who owns epsilon data?