What is a central pancreatectomy?

Central pancreatectomy consists of a limited resection of the midportion of the pancreas and can be offered in benign and low-grade malignant tumors of the neck of the pancreas. The study aimed to evaluate whether central pancreatectomy has a place in pancreatic surgery.

What is the medical term for pancreas removal?

With this procedure, your surgeon may also need to remove your spleen. Surgery to remove the entire pancreas. This is called total pancreatectomy.

How long does it take to recover from a distal pancreatectomy?

Recovery from distal pancreatectomy Most patients spend three to five days in the hospital after a distal pancreatectomy. Directly after surgery, you will be transferred to a Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) for careful monitoring.

How long is the hospital stay for pancreatic surgery?

Patients spend an average of 3-10 days in the hospital after pancreas surgery. While you are in the hospital, many members of your health care team will be checking in on you daily.

How painful is pancreatic surgery?

It is normal to experience pain after pancreas surgery. While in the hospital, you will be able to manage your pain with intravenous pain medication. Once you are at home, you will manage your pain with oral medications prescribed by your health care team.

Is pancreatic surgery risky?

Up to half of patients develop serious complications and 2 to 4 percent do not survive the procedure — one of the highest mortality rates for any operation. One common complication is leakage of fluid from the pancreas after the surgery, often in large amounts that can cause an abscess and lead to infection and sepsis.

What is life like after pancreas removal?

It is normal to feel pain in the days following surgery, and it can take several months to fully regain strength. The person will be unable to drive for 2-3 weeks following surgery. It is possible to live a healthy life without a pancreas, but doing so requires on-going medical care.