What happened to the blue guy in demon souls?

Crestfallen Warrior Information If you talk to him regularly as your game progresses, his conversations will reveal he is very depressed and is losing his memory. After you defeat the Tower Knight his final dialogue is unlocked. If talked to he’ll eventually disappear and leave a Storied Soldier’s Soul.

What do you do after beating old King allant?

After defeating Old King Allant, you will receive the False King’s Demon’s Soul. This soul can be used to create one of the strongest weapons in the game: the Northern Regalia. If you’re struggling with this latest remake, check out our guide to the best character builds in Demon’s Souls.

Should I free Rydell Demon’s Souls?

Rydell does not have to be freed from his cell to be appear as a Black Phantom when Pure Black World Tendency is achieved. If his (empty) cell is unlocked during Pure Black World Tendency, he will be back inside once it shifts towards White again, and will not leave before being talked to.

Does invading lower world tendency?

Do Invasions Affect World Tendency? The answer to this is both yes and no. Using the Black Eye Stone or Red Eye Stone to invade does not have any effect on World Tendency, regardless of the outcome. It doesn’t matter if you kill the host or a blue phantom, invading has no effect on the WT of the person invading.

How many endings are there in Demon’s Souls?

two different endings
Demon’s Souls has two different endings that basically boil down to a “Good” ending and a “Bad” ending. Luckily, there’s only one choice players need to make near the end of the game to get either one, so they won’t need to check off a bunch of requirements.

How do you get free Wizards in Demon’s Souls?

To unlock him: Get the Special Key from the top of the tower located right before the Tower of Latria Boss’ area. It hangs on the wall behind the Dregling you must kill to defeat the boss.

What happens if you kill Blue Dragon in demon’s souls?

If you simply run past the Blue Dragon and go on to kill the 1-4 boss, both it and Biorr won’t appear again in that playthrough (Biorr will also disappear from the Nexus). The first time you encounter the Blue Dragon is in the dragon’s roost in 1-1, here it merely serves as an environmental hazard and it can not be killed.

How does Biorr kill the Dragon in demon’s souls?

If Biorr is not dead or hostile to the player, he will appear the first time this happens, charging into the dragon’s path and firing his crossbow at it. If the player equips the Ring of the Accursed, stands out of range of the fire and away from Biorr, and is willing to wait several hours, Biorr can kill the dragon on his own.

Where to shoot arrows at Blue Dragon in demons souls?

Please note however, that once Biorr is dead, the blue dragon will actually be able to spray directly underneath itself. Even if you can’t see it, you can still R3 lock on to it and shoot arrows. You will be able to hear a hit. There is a safe spot halfway up the staircase, on a small landing.

Where do you get Legendary Souls in demon’s souls?

As a reward, you get safe access to some Legendary Hero Souls from the dead corpses on the stairs. It’s also possible to stand just inside the doorway and lock on to the dragon’s head, which can be seen moving back and forth above. Just keep locked on, and keep pumping arrows into it.