What goes with Blue Moon beer?

Food Pairings

  • Lemongrass Coriander Shrimp Cocktail.
  • Mediterranean Spiced Lamb Chops.
  • Orecchiette Pasta with Clams & Chorizo.
  • Stone Fruit Panzanella.
  • Roasted Eggplant Taco.
  • Sesame Peanut Noodles.
  • Spicy Blue Moon Fried Chicken.
  • Garlic Kale Perilla Fried Rice.

Is Blue Moon a girly beer?

This Blue Moon Belgian White beer is brewed with white wheat, oats, coriander, and orange peel to give it a citrusy edge. It’s generally served with an orange slice to help bring out the orange citrus flavor. To conclude, this beer is definitely more a girly beer than a sharp-tasting, concentrated beer.

Is Blue Moon a good beer to drink?

Good balance of citrus orange sweetness with peppery and spicy flavor. A bit too thick and chewy for the style, but nice acidic carbonation.” Overall: “A good example of the style, but just a bit too heavy and sweet. Still, a refreshing, complex take on a wit.

How do you add orange flavor to beer?

Just a few grams crushed and soaked in a couple ounces of vodka will add a ton of orange-citrus flavor to your beer.

What are blue moons?

A blue moon is traditionally defined as the third full moon in an astronomical season containing four full moons – this is what’s happening in August this year.

What is the Girliest beer?

The top beer for guys to tweet (aka the manliest) is #ironmaiden, referring to the Trooper ale made by Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson. The top beer for women to tweet (aka the girliest) is #Budweiser.

What is the best tasting beer?

These are 10 of the best tasting beers—sample a few and try claiming that beer is still the worst.

  • Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy.
  • Bud Light Lime.
  • Shock Top.
  • Landshark IPA.
  • Blue Moon.
  • Abita Strawberry Lager.
  • Miller High Life.
  • Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA.

Is Blue Moon a craft beer?

Our Brand Today In doing so, Blue Moon catapulted the craft movement forward, helping to shape the modern American beer scene. Now, over 20 years later, Blue Moon is still the #1 craft in the US* and is now also delighting consumers in 25+ countries globally.

Are you supposed to put the orange in a Blue Moon?

Blue Moon® Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale is garnished with an orange slice to heighten the citrus aroma and taste. Seafood such as grilled shrimp, Asian dishes like pad thai, and marinated chicken dishes.

Are blue moons real?

Blue moons aren’t blue! Blue moons remain the same colour as any other full moon except in two rare cases. During a lunar eclipse, the Moon can turn blood red, lit only by the light that is bent around the Earth by its atmosphere onto the face of the Moon.

How do you add flavor to beer?

How to Add Fruit Flavor to Beer

  1. Fresh, frozen, canned/jarred or extract? You do have quite a few options for adding fruit flavor to your beer.
  2. Fruit extracts.
  3. Fruit purees.
  4. School one: Adding fruit puree to the primary fermenter.
  5. School two: Adding fruit puree to the secondary fermenter.
  6. Frozen fruit.
  7. Fresh fruit.

What is the alcohol content of Blue Moon?

Blue Moon is an American beer, it has an alcohol content of 5.4%. Blue Moon is a medium bodied, unfiltered, Belgian style wheat ale, spiced with fresh coriander and orange peel for a uniquely complex taste and an uncommonly smooth finish. It is traditionally served with a slice of orange to complement the orange peel used in the brewing process.

What is Blue Moon beer made of?

Blue Moon Brewing Co. is an entity of Tenth and Blake Beer Company, the craft and import division of MillerCoors . The grain bill for Blue Moon includes malted barley, white wheat, orange peel, coriander and oats—and is usually served with a slice of orange, which its brewmasters claim accentuates the flavor of the brew.

Why is Blue Moon Beer Orange?

Keith Villa, founder and head brewmaster of Blue Moon, explains that the typical orange garnish of a Blue Moon was not always served. Originally people began to serve Blue Moon with lemons, but because oranges are used in the brewing process, an orange garnish brings out the subtle sweetness of the beer. Advertiser.

What is a Blue Moon drink?

Blue moon cocktails are a fun, frozen martini featuring blue curaçao, vanilla syrup, and fresh orange juice.