What else has Erin Moriarty been in?


Year Title Role
2013 The Kings of Summer Kelly
2014 After the Dark Vivian
2016 Blood Father Lydia Link
2016 Captain Fantastic Claire McCune

Did Erin Moriarty have a baby?

Erin Moriarty on Instagram: “Baby G.” erinelairmoriarty Baby G.

Does Erin Moriarty have a sister?

All their lives, 48 Hours Correspondent Erin Moriarty and her sister Sheelah have believed they were identical twins.

Is Erin Moriarty a singer?

Erin Moriarty (Starlight) really did sing “Never Truly Vanish” during Translucent’s funeral on the season two premiere. “My introduction into the world of performing was singing but that was when I was much younger and that was what I initially wanted to do,” the actress told Entertainment Tonight.

How old is Erin Moriarty?

69 years (April 6, 1952)
Erin Moriarty/Age

Erin F. Moriarty (born April 6, 1952) is an American television news reporter and correspondent. She works as a correspondent for 48 Hours Mystery. She has won national Emmy Awards several times.

How tall is Erin Moriarty?

1.68 m
Erin Moriarty/Height

What nationality is Erin Moriarty?

Erin Moriarty/Nationality

Who is Erin Moriarty’s parents?

Her father’s name is Dennis Moriarty who plays the Vocals and Harmonica, and her mother’s name is Jamey is a housewife. She also has two younger siblings, Natalie, and Sophie.

How old is Erin Moriarty of 48 hours?

Did Erin Moriarty go to college?

P.S. 006 Lillie D. Blake
Erin Moriarty/Education

Who is Erin Moriarty from One Life to Live?

Erin Moriarty (born June 24, 1994) is an American actress. She has had recurring roles on the television series One Life to Live and True Detective, was a series regular on Red Widow and Jessica Jones, and has appeared in supporting roles in several films.

When did Erin Moriarty start her acting career?

The American actress Erin Moriarty started her on-screen acting career in 2010 with TV series One Life to Live and with the passage of time, has moved towards gaining more prominent roles in various popular series such as True Detective, Red Widow, Jessica Jones, and The Boys.

How tall is Erin Moriarty height and weight?

Birthplace: New York City, U.S. Below is the actress Erin Moriarty height, weight, shoe size and other body measurements complete list. She delayed her college education in order to pursue acting.

Who was Erin Moriarty in the kings of summer?

Career. Moriarty’s first roles were in The Kings of Summer; The Watch (as Vince Vaughn ‘s daughter); and Red Widow. She had a recurring role on season 1 of True Detective as Audrey Hart, the problem child of Woody Harrelson ‘s character. She appeared in Blood Father, a 2016 film starring Mel Gibson.