What does the J mean on alloys?

tyre bead profile
The letter “J” means a tyre bead profile. This is the marking used to define the wheel collar profile you should never ignore. Wheel collars and tyres must be compatible.

Where are Bola wheels made?

the United Kingdom
Where are Bola wheels made? Bola wheels are custom made in the United Kingdom, meaning the research and development team at Bola HQ are never far away from the fabrication process.

What is a 5.5 J wheel?

The wheels width is usually written beside the flange shape marking – e.g: 7j, 7.5j, 8.0j. The width of the wheel is basically the area shown on the photo above and it is measured in inches. In other words, the bigger the number, the “thicker” your wheels are. 5.5j is the rim width.

What is 7J wheel size?

The rim labelling indicates the width in the first place as well. In 7J x 17 H2 ET38, 5×112 LK it is 7 inches. Now you have to know that a rim of this width fits on a tyre with a width of 195 to 225 mm. 205 up to 215 mm are ideal.

Are Momo rims good?

Momo Car Rims Moves into a New Century When you ride on Momo, you are riding on a quality product that is manufactured with superior craftsmanship and meets maximum safety standards while still performing at the highest levels. And they look great too. Just look at a couple of Momo wheels.

What is the best brand of alloy wheels?

Best-Known Brands

  • Yongle.
  • X2.
  • NEO Alloys.
  • Prestige.
  • Plati.
  • Lenso.
  • Enkei.
  • Freeman.

Are Bola good?

You don’t have to spend thousands on a set of Bolas to give your car a good stance. This makes them available for more people, affordable for more people and they offer a great quality. They don’t just know wheels, they know people.

Are Bola wheels TUV?

Wheelwright have been stringent and compliant members of this group of TÜV certified manufacturers for some time. We ensure the manufacture of our AEZ, Dezent and Dotz wheels meet the standards set by the authorities, in a similar fashion to an ISO 9001 audit in the UK.

What kind of wheels are made by Borbet?

Quality wheels made by BORBET – take a look behind the scenes! BORBET Z for Skoda Enyaq: 100% E-Motion. BORBET Promotion of young talent. Paul Grund takes off in full swing. BORBET CWF: Optimal partner for the Ford Transit. BORBET SPONSORS BUILDING STONES FOR THE FUTURE. BORBET XRS and BMW X5. A harmonic double of the premium class.

How big are Borbet wheels on a BMW X5?

BMW X5 Genuine Borbet Type TS 17” Wheels/Rims/Tires W Winter Bridgestone Tires. (4) 18 x 8.5″ Borbet 5-114.3 Alloy Wheels (Brand New!) Made in Italy Borbet wheels CF 70535 5×120 bolt pattern. 40% Off!

Are there Borbet wheels for BMW 3 series?

BORBET B now also inspires the BMW 3 Series. A good sign in challenging times: BORBET also strengthens purchasing power in the region. Sporty or elegant? BORBET wheels for Renault Clio.