What does Peridot mean by clod?

lump of worthless earth
Peridot likes to call the Gems Clods. A clod is a lump of worthless earth, while a gem is a valuable piece of earth.

What does an Era 1 Peridot look like?

Peridots tend to have green skin and yellow or green hair that comes in a variety of shapes. While the exact appearance of an Era 1 Peridot (if any different) is unknown, it is known that they possessed abilities which made technological enhancements unnecessary for them to perform their duties.

Why did Peridot calls yellow diamond a clod?

Peridot seemingly betraying Steven’s faith in her enrages him the most we’ve seen him. Yellow Diamond choosing Revenge Before Reason ultimately enrages Peridot to the point she calls her a clod. Yellow Diamond does not like being disrespected, to the point she tries to kill Peridot for it.

Does Peridot ever fuse?

Lastly, it’s important to also mention the character of Peridot, one of the few gems on the show who has never fused with another character. Peridot is a bit of a fish out of water on Earth, not long departed from a class system where different types of gems fusing was a huge taboo.

What did Peridot say to Yellow Diamond?

Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Speaker Dialogue
Peridot I just think-
Yellow Diamond I’m not interested in the puny thoughts of a Peridot–
Peridot But!
Yellow Diamond You have disrespected this channel and my time with your presence and you would do well to

Are Peridot and lapis together?

At the end of the episode, however, Lapis accepts Peridot as a barn-mate and learns to care for her. However, Lapis eventually came back in the episode “Reunited.” Peridot was really happy to see her again Lapis came back because, as she said, if Homeworld considered her a rebel/Crystal Gem, she might as well be one.

What did Peridot say to yellow diamond?

Why did Peridot hate the Crystal Gems so much?

Because Homeworld is a caste society, Peridot viewed the Crystal Gems as some being more superior than others, which often led to her unintentionally offending them for a long time.

Where does Peridot come from in Steven Universe?

You clods don’t know what you’re doing! You Crystal Clods! Go ahead, wreck this place! See if I care, I already got what I needed! This is Peridot, transmitting on all frequencies from abandoned Crystal System colony planet Earth, to Yellow Diamond.

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