What does Kulite do?

As a worldwide innovator and leader, Kulite has both the vision and expertise to create transducers and pressure scanners for a myriad of industries, applications and environmental conditions.

What are Kulite sensors?

Kulite sensors consist of a complex structure of three layers atomically bonded together. The first layer is of monocrystalline N-type silicon. This layer is micromachined into a mechanical pressure sensitive diaphragm. The thickness of the diaphragm varies with the full-scale pressure range for which it is intended.

What does a Kulite measure?

They are used to monitor aerodynamics, air bag systems, airspeed, brake pressure/antilock brake system testing, coolant pressure, dynamometer, engine oil pressure, exhaust system testing, fuel pressure, hydraulics system, in cylinder pressure measurement, intake manifold, oil pressure and temperature, steering system …

What do you understand by transducer?

Essentially a transducer is an electronic device which converts energy from one form to another. Some examples you may be familiar with include microphones and loudspeakers. There are two different types of transducer an input transducer which is a sensor and an output transducer which is an actuator.

Are pressure transducers AC or DC?

Pressure transducers require a power supply to produce electrical signals. The signal is commonly 4-20 mA or 0-10 V DC. Some systems may also use a combination of AC and DC power. The 4-20 mA signal can be used over long distances and is less sensitive to interference than a DC signal.

What is the main function of transducer?

A transducer converts some sort of energy to sound (source) or converts sound energy (receiver) to an electrical signal.

Why Positive feedback is used in a pressure transducer?

6. Why positive feedback is used in a pressure transducer? Explanation: Positive feedback in the vibrating diaphragm is used to maintain vibratory motion in diaphragm. Explanation: Pressure range between 1 and 100 atmosphere are measured using vibrating diaphragm pressure transducer.

Where are kulite pressure transducers made in the USA?

Kulite’s state-of-the-art world headquarters are located just outside of New York City in Leonia, New Jersey. All products are made in the USA.

What are the advantages of kulite pressure sensors?

The sensors are available in extremly small packages and feature various internal design advantages over competitor products. Available with embeded RTD and redundant pressure output – maximum performance in minimal packaging.

What kind of filter does kulite ksc-2 use?

The KSC-2 is a compact, rugged dual-channel precision amplifier/filter optimized for conditioning Kulite pressure sensors and microphones. It offers fully programmable bi-polar excitation, 6-pole programmable low-pass filtering and precision amplification compatible with any high-speed analog-to-digital converter.

What kind of signal conditioner does kulite use?

Kulite recommends Precision Filters line of signal conditioners for higher channel counts. The 28000 series conditioner has optional REZCOMP™ compensation available and is designed to work with all Kulite transducers. These transducers are ideal for the flight test environment.