What does Khahesh Mikonam mean?

you’re welcome
Answers: 0. English translation:you’re welcome! Explanation: “Khahesh mikonam” might be the response for “thank you” (moteshakeram or Mersi or Mamnoon, etc.) and you could say “you’re welcome” in this situation but sometimes it means “please” in order to ask something from someone.

What does kheili mean in Persian?

very nice to meet you / pleased to meet you.

What is Tashakor English?

Tashakor . (. You’re welcome.

What is Merci in Persian?

Merci / Kheyli mamnoon / Sepâs — Thank you Persian has several ways to say “thank you,” and they’re often used together in combination. Take your pick from one of these. Similar to “hello” above, if you want to use the authentic Persian word, go with sepâs.

Why do Iranians say Merci?

merci – (rather informal) thank you. Even though it is easy to commemorate for Westerners, many Iranians would rather use “(kheyli = many) mamnun (thank you)”. As “merci” is derived from French, the govt.

What does Joon mean in Farsi?

A Persian word of endearment used after a person’s first name to mean “dear” and express care.

How do you say pretty girl in Farsi?

It is خوشگل [xoshgel] (=pretty) or خوشگله (= [she] is pretty).

What Azizam means?

my dear
Azizam. Azizam literally means “my dear” and is a general term of endearment that you can use with anyone- friend, family, lover, old, young. You’ll even hear women who are total strangers call each other azizam .

What does Chetori mean in Farsi?

How are you
The one we used in our conversation as informal speech was “Chetori?” Brandon: This literally means “How are you?”, but it’s in singular form and it’s only used for speaking with friends or close people like family members.

What does Azizam mean in Farsi?

What does the word mammon mean in English?

literary uk ​ /ˈmæm.ən/ us ​ /ˈmæm.ən/. › the force that makes people try to become as rich as possible and the belief that this is the most important thing in life.

What does mamona stand for in Urban Dictionary?

This type of person is sometimes cocky but mostly idiotic. The term is used to offend someone. Ex . Female: “a mi no me gusta esa tienda por que es para los pobres.” English: “I don’t like that store because it’s for the poor.” In this case you can call the female ” mamona “.

What does the name Mamun mean in the Quran?

Mamun or Ma`moon is a Quranic name for boys that means trusted, trustworthy and honorable. It is derived from the A-M-N root which is one of the most used roots in the Quran, and it is source for Imaan (faith), Mu’min (believer), Aamana ( he/she attained to fatih). It is mentioned in Quran 70:28.

Why was Mammon used as a pejorative in the Bible?

Christians began to use mammon as a pejorative, a term that was used to describe gluttony, excessive materialism, greed, and unjust worldly gain.