What does graphite in guitar nut do?

Graphite is self-lubricating and is a perfect solution for guitar players who use a lot of the tremolo bar in their playing or have a hard time keeping the guitar in tune. The self-lubricating feature will allow the strings to slide over the nut with less friction, reducing tuning issues and hang-ups.

Are graphite guitar nuts good?

Graphite nuts are a popular choice for luthiers because they produce very little string friction, making them ideal for guitars with tremolo. The only downside of graphite is that it is not as durable as bone or high quality plastic.

How do you smooth guitar nut slots?

Luthiers use special nut files to smooth and finesse nut slots, and most hobbyists will consider a set of nut files too expensive. Instead, take a small piece of 800 or 1,000 grit Wet And Dry abrasive paper, wrap it around the string and push it into the offending slot.

Are bone nuts better?

It seems that if the nut is made out of bone, not only are the strings less prone to cut through it but as I said above, the sound is better, having more clarity and fullness.

What can I lube my guitar nut with?

StewMac Guitar Grease Graphite Lubricant Paste for Nut and Saddle Slots, Truss Rod Nuts and Guitar Hardware Pivot Points, 0.25-oz Container

  • Graphite lubricant in handy paste form.
  • Save your pencils for writing – this is more convenient to use and store than shavings from a graphite pencil.

Is pencil graphite a lubricant?

The graphite contained in the pencil “lead” is a great dry lubricant. You can buy graphite lube for all sorts of applications.

Is it worth changing guitar nut?

The nut is the first thing I upgrade on all of my guitars. Replacing the nut with a more slippery material such as graphite or TUSQ (synthetic bone) solves this problem by allowing the strings to slide freely within the nut slot, which drastically improves your guitar’s intonation.

How deep should guitar nut slots be?

The slots should be only deep enough so 1/3 of the string is above the top of the nut and 2/3 in the nut.

Why do you use graphite in guitar nuts?

It allows for better tuning stability and is great for bending on guitars fitted with tremolos, as the graphite lubricates the string slot meaning the strings return to their slots better post-bend.

How many strings are in an electric guitar nut file?

Here are your options: These are what the pros use. These will come with 3-8 individual files of usually double-sided files of various gauges to match the different thicknesses of strings. Obviously, you will not want the low and high E strings to have the same size slot.

What do you need to put a nut on a guitar?

Beautiful guitar, but a terrible case of “pinging” at the nut. We don’t need much for this, just some graphite (courtesy of a pencil lead) and something to hold the powder together (petroleum jelly). Some sandpaper and a little plastic knife or similar will be the only required tools.

What are the gauges on Graph Tech guitar nuts?

*Our nuts are engineered to accept string sets between 9-42 to 11-49 gauges on all electric nuts, 10-47 to 12-53 on acoustic nuts, and 40-95 to 50-105 on bass nuts, all without modification. Our materials can easily be modified to accept larger gauge sets with appropriate files. Know your guitar’s make & model? Check out Ordering / Sizing Guide.