What do you want to change in your hometown?

Answer. If I could change one thing about my hometown, I would like to build some useful and advanced facilities for its use. A modern library, an advanced broad band system and a modern gym may bring a lot of changes to people living in my hometown and keep them up with the latest information and technology.

How would your hometown be improved?

Answer:Yes, since my childhood ,many changes have been taken place in my hometown as the system of electricity ,system of water , sewerage and drainage ,system of food check and balance have been improved a great length. Now people are more consious of their living style.

What should I write about my hometown?

I am talking about these kinds of answers:My hometown is modern.My hometown is famous.My hometown is beautiful.My hometown is crowded.My hometown has many people.This says nothing about your hometown at all!So don’t do it.My hometown has a very old church in the centre.

Why do we love our hometown?

2. In your hometown, you always know exactly where you’re going. At home, you know every side street, every shortcut, and every cut through to get exactly where you’re going, no GPS necessary. For me, I just love the feeling of going home and knowing exactly where everything I need is and how to get there.

What is special about your hometown?

1. Your hometown is the place which holds countless happy memories of your childhood and youth. All the gullies where you played cricket, the little shops at the corner, visits from the pados ki aunty and many more.

What are the advantages of living in your hometown?

Here are, what we believe, some of the biggest benefits of choosing small town living.Strong sense of community. Lower property taxes. Low crime rates. Lower cost of living. Less traffic and cleaner air. Smaller class sizes. Build a reputation for yourself or your business.

What are some problems faced by your hometown?

What are some environmental problems faced by your hometown? Answer: As I told earlier, air pollution is the biggest stumbling block for many people living here as they are suffering from diseases. Apart from this, water pollution is also polluting our rivers.

Is your hometown a good place to live?

Would you say it’s a good place to live? Why? Yes, definitely. My hometown offers all the modern facilities, better job opportunities and then nice environment and communication systems someone can expect from a town.

Where is your home town or village?

Answer: My hometown is London, the capital city of the UK. It is located in South East England, on the River Thames. It is well known around the world for its amazing history, architecture, music and fashion.

Can hometown be a village?

A village is a town, so ‘hometown’ is fine. ‘ As well, hometown may not mean the town you were born in. It usually means the town you grew up in. If you want to be specific I would say, “I was born/grew up in a village called x.” Then give its location relevant to a larger city in the area.

Where is your home ielts speaking?

A: Very much! The house itself is very spacious for us and is in a good spot. I have my own office space and plenty of room still for all the family. Built on top of another house it has a high position, with great views of the town and even a sea view.

How long have you lived there ielts speaking?

How long have you lived there? I’ve lived there for about five years. It’s the first house that I’ve owned; before that I was renting an apartment. 3.

Are you good at art ielts speaking?

Are you good at art? Art is a really vast subject, I believe and if it is about drawing things here and there, I would say I am pretty fine at it. But, I am surely not one of those who can make some masterpieces. I think I am good at it, all thanks to the art classes that I attended during my teen years.6 days ago

What is the hardest part of making plans?

There are also more intangible things that can prevent us from making preparations for our later life.Uncertainty. No one can ever be fully prepared for life’s uncertainties. Lack of support. Having the right support is very important in enabling us to plan for later life. Social influence.

How do you write a work plan report?

How to Make a Work PlanIdentify the Project Name, Purpose and General Timeline. Put Your Work Plan into Context. Establish Your Goals and Objectives. Define and Coordinate Your Resources. Understand Your Constraints. Discuss Risks and Accountability.

Are you good at managing your time ielts?

Well, I manage my time by not thinking about time. I focus on the amount of work done and more importantly on its quality. Focusing on what needs to be done at this point of time, helps a lot. To keep a note of the work, I maintain a diary that is almost next to me when I am on work.

How do you manage your time well?

10 Tips for Managing Time EffectivelyHave a Time Check. Know exactly how you spend your time. Set a Time Limit. Setting a time limit for a task can be fun. Use Software Tools for Time Management. Have a To-Do List. Plan Ahead. Start with Your Most Important Tasks. Delegate and Outsource. Focus on One Task at a Time.

Are you good at managing time?

Short Answer “I’m good at managing my time. I stay busy both at home and at work and being able to manage my time is necessary for me to do everything that I want to do.” “I manage my time well by planning out what I have to do for the whole week. It keeps me on track and evens helps me to be more efficient.”

Why is time management so important?

Time management is important for busy companies so they can prioritize all their work tasks and achieve their goals faster. When you better manage your time, you’ll be able to take on new opportunities and grow your business in a sustainable manner.