What did rich and poor Tudors wear?

So, What were Tudor Clothes Like? During Tudor times, the wealthy and elite would wear elaborate clothing that would represent their status. The poor wore simple, practical clothing during Tudor times that were made from woollen cloth. Men and women would wear long tunics, aprons and cover their heads with cloth also.

What did poor Tudors sleep on?

They slept on straw or straw-filled mattresses with only a blanket to keep themselves warm. Furniture was simple; a wooden table, some stools and maybe one wooden bed, and a one or more wooden chests to keep everything in.

How were poor people treated in Tudor England?

Life for the poor in Tudor times was harsh. The poor had to work hard and struggled to survive. Many poor people lives lived in villages doing farm work or making cloth in their own homes for very little pay. They worked six days a week and only had holy days and public holidays off work.

What did the Tudors to eat with?

Dishes included game, roasted or served in pies, lamb, venison and swan. For banquets, more unusual items, such as conger eel and porpoise could be on the menu. Sweet dishes were often served along with savoury. Only the King was given a fork, with which he ate sweet preserves.

Who are the rich people of the Tudors?

Rich Tudors  Rich people were Nobles, Bishops, Lords and Ladies  Merchants, Yeoman and craftsmen were quite rich too  They had good houses  They could read and write  They ate lots of meat  They wore clothes made of silk and velvet 15.

What kind of houses did the Tudors live in?

Poor Tudor houses wouldn’t have had glass windows. A poor Tudor home would have had holes in the wall for windows and some might have had wooden shutters to keep out draughts. Poor people’s houses would have consisted of one single room where all the family lived and slept.

Which is an antonym for the word rich?

Antonyms for rich. destitute, impecunious, impoverished, indigent, needy, penniless, penurious, poor,

What did poor people eat in the Tudor times?

Food  Poor people ate bread made out of rye or ground acorns  Sometimes they ate butter and egg  The poor people drank ale, cider or buttermilk. 12. Leisure  Poor people enjoyed cock-fighting and bear baiting  Poor children played with wooden hoops and balls made out of pigs bladders