What are the antonyms of Factor?


  • inessential.
  • dissuade.
  • unimportant.
  • incidental.

What is the synonym of mellifluous?

mellifluousadjective. Synonyms: smooth, soft, mellow, euphonious, euphonic, sweet, silver-toned, sweetly flowing.

What is the synonym of schizophrenic?

hebephrenic (noun) lunatic (noun) mad person (noun) mentally ill (noun)

What is the synonyms of factor?

synonyms for factor

  • aspect.
  • circumstance.
  • component.
  • element.
  • influence.
  • part.
  • point.
  • thing.

What is the opposite of distributing in math?

Factoring is the opposite of distributing. When distributing, you multiply a series of terms by a common factor.

What’s the opposite of mellifluous?

What is the opposite of mellifluous?

unlyrical cacophonous
contrary repugnant
contradictory conflicting
rackety unvocal
clangorous incompatible

What is the opposite of meretricious?

meretricious. Antonyms: solid, good, chaste, simple, pure. Synonyms: tricksy, unchaste, gaudy, impure, tawdry, flashy.

What is the opposite of schizophrenic?

According to this way of looking at it, ASD and schizophrenia are opposites: ASD is characterized by deficits in mentalism (aka people/social/communication skills) while schizophrenia exhibits hyper-mentalism epitomized in symptoms resulting from excessive mentalizing such as delusions of being watched, hearing voices.

What is another word for risk factor?

What is another word for risk factor?

stakes risk
danger peril
threat jeopardy
endangerment imperilment
liability consequence

What is the antonym for has been?

What is the opposite of has-been?

was not wasn’t
were not weren’t