What are some quotes from Aunt Alexandra in To Kill a Mockingbird?

“Aunt Alexandra was fanatical on the subject of my attire. I could not possibly hope to be a lady if I wore breeches; when I said I could do nothing in a dress, she said I wasn’t supposed to be doing things that required pants.

What page number does Aunt Alexandra tells Scout to be a lady?

In chapter nine of To Kill a Mockingbird, Aunt Alexandra is determined that Scout will act like a lady. She has argued this point with Atticus, hoping for his support in the matter.

What page does Scout describe Aunt Alexandra?

In Chapter 9, Scout compares her Aunt Alexandra to Mount Everest because she is “cold and there.” Scout does not appreciate her aunt’s austere attitude and disagrees with Alexandra’s view that she should dress and act more feminine.

What does Aunt Alexandra represent in Chapter 13?

Aunt Alexandra represents the Maycomb County that Atticus is fighting against. The people who are set in their ways and want things the way they are because it is proper. Aunt Alexandra doesn’t come from a mean place, much like many of the people in Maycomb County.

How does Aunt Alexandra impact Scout?

Lesson Summary Aunt Alexandra does her best to convert Scout from her boyish ways and enforces ladylike behavior and attire. She also impresses upon Scout the importance of family breeding and the status of the Finch family in Maycomb County.

What does Aunt Alexandra say about the Cunninghams?

over for dinner. Aunt Alexandra says, “We’ll see about that” (Lee 299). Scout looks surprised and asks why not, and Alexandra tells her that the Cunninghams are not their “kind of folks.” Alexandra elaborates by commenting that someone can wash Walter and put him in a new suit, but he’ll never be like Jem.

How does Aunt Alexandra criticize Scout?

How does Aunt Alexandra criticize Scout? Aunt Alexandra doesn’t approve of much that Scout does. She hates the way she dresses, can’t believe that Atticus allows her to curse, and disapproves of her friends. She confronts Atticus, but Atticus is going to raise his children the way he sees fit.

Why does Aunt Alexandra disapprove of Scout?

Aunt Alexandra does not approve of Scout because Scout does not fit her ideal of how a little Southern girl should act if she is to grow up to be a proper Southern lady. Alexandra is unhappy, for example, that Scout wears pants and runs around like a tomboy.

How does Aunt Alexandra explain human Behaviour?

what is aunt Alexandra’s major theory concerning human behavior? that humans can be defined by genetic traits/streaks and by how long they’ve lived on their land. He says that would make the Ewells good people when they aren’t. Scout states there is a “caste system” in Maycomb.

How is Aunt Alexandra well mannered?

Key Characteristics of Aunt Alexandra Aunt Alexandra is a poised, well-mannered Southern woman. She is critical of Scout’s tomboyish ways. She considers family breeding important to how a person behaves. Despite her cold demeanor, Aunt Alexandra is shown to care deeply for her family.

Why was Aunt Alexandra not in the movie?

Because the narration is not as straightforward in the film, the film seems to shift more to Jem’s experiences. Aunt Alexandra isn’t present in the movie at all, so the issue of Scout “acting like a lady” never plays a major role in the film. Film also often introduces new characters to help develop the story line.

Who is Aunt Alexandra in to kill a Mockingbird?

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Where can I find quotes from to kill a Mockingbird?

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What are the page numbers in Aunt Alexandra?

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What happens on page 30 of to kill a Mockingbird?

Page 30 This passage exemplifies the special bond between Atticus and his daughter, Scout. Throughout the novel, Scout learns more from her father than anyone else. Atticus teaches Scout important things about life and the world that she does acquire from school.