Was Paigey cakey in Waterloo Road?

Acting career Between 2012 and 2013, she played the role of Jade Fleming in the BBC One school-based drama series, Waterloo Road, and performed a freestyle-rap for the series.

Who adopted Jade’s baby Waterloo Road?

Plot Summary (1) Maggie is dismayed to learn that the heavily pregnant Jade Fleming has put her unborn child up for adoption by restaurateurs Sarah and Kaz Winters and over-reacts,lying to Jade that the child’s father,the imprisoned Drew,is against the adoption.

What happened to Mrs Fisher in Waterloo Road?

Amanda Burton bows out from Waterloo Road after just over a year as Karen Fisher. Amanda Burton has quit her role as Waterloo Road’s Karen Fisher, it has been announced. The actress, who was cast in the BBC drama in late 2009, has already filmed her final scenes as school head teacher Karen, The Sun reports.

Why did miss Koreshi leave Waterloo Road?

In series 3 she made the mistake of crossing Michaela White, who was bullying a younger pupil along with her friends….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Jasmine Koreshi
Last Appearance Series 4 Episode 20
Cause/Reason Left for pastures new
Occupation English Teacher Acting Head of English (S4E17)

What is Paigey cakey real name?

Paige Meade
Paigey Cakey/Full name

What school did Paigey cakey go?

Paigey Cakey on Twitter: “I just shut down my old secondary school ‘Stoke Newington’. It was MENTAL!!

Does Jade in Waterloo Road keep her baby?

Jade Fleming is a former student at Waterloo Road. He is subsequently arrested, and writes Jade a heartfelt letter, hoping her and their child will be happy. Later, she puts the baby up for adoption and gets interest from who she thought were the perfect couple, however she later finds out they were actually divorced.

Is Bex ever found in Waterloo Road?

Hodge is arrested and the girls can finally go back to a peaceful life. With this ordeal behind her Bex finally settles down and enjoys the rest of her time at Waterloo Road with Vicki and Jess. She successfully resits her exams and leaves Waterloo Road to attend university.

Does Donte find out about Chlo and Brett?

Donte is very close with his father throughout his time at Waterloo Road. In Series 3 Episode 5, Donte discovers that Chlo has been sleeping with Brett Aspinall, Chlo’s sister Mika Grainger’s boyfriend.

How did Steph Haydock leave Waterloo Road?

Steph continued her friendship with Kim Campbell and gave her advice on Max. Max was aware of this and decided to sack Steph by using Jo Lipsett and manipulating both of them so both friends fall out. Jo hates Max for this and leaves Waterloo Road.

Where does Paigey Cakey from Waterloo Road come from?

She has been featured in the BBC series Waterloo Road and The Secrets. She is from East London, England. She had a brother who passed away. Musically, she is inspired by artists such as Mary J. Blige and Floetry.

Who is Paigey Cakey and what does she do?

Paigey Cakey is an East London based rapper who is really emerging as an essential singing and rapping voice on the scene. Influenced by her Caribbean father and British mother, as well as the music that she heard coming over from the States, she is someone who always has a story to tell and does so with a real sense of fun and feistiness.

How tall is Paigey Cakey height and weight?

Paigey Cakey was born as Paige Meade on 18th January 1993, in Hackney, London, England. Moreover, he holds British nationality and belongs to African ethnicity.