Should I swing like Fred Couples?

His golf swing has been one of the smoothest and nicest to watch over the years. Learning to produce a silky smooth golf swing like Fred Couples would be great for most club and amateur golfers. Next time you are at the practice range, focus on hitting 50 balls without a tense muscle in your body.

Does Fred Couples hit a fade or draw?

Although Freddy can draw the ball, the shot he’s famous for is the power fade. His fade gives him the best chance of keeping the ball in play while still smashing it. To hit the Fred Couples Fade, set up with your body lines aiming left like you see in the above left photo.

How far does Fred Couples drive the golf ball?

Fred’s driving distance average is a staggering 295 yards! In order to hit it that far, his driver swing speed is also well above the PGA Tour average of 113 mph.

What golf ball is Fred Couples playing?

They call him Boom Boom because of his long drives thanks to his self-taught, signature swing and favorite ball, the TOUR B RXS.

Why does Fred Couples not wear a glove?

Because he can’t stand to wear a glove. The solution Couples stumbled on around 2004 was to applying Super Glue to his fingers before each round so he could continue to not wear a glove but also prevent his grips from slightly cutting his thumbs each round. Couples is a bit of Super Glue aficionado, in fact.

What is Fred Couples swing speed?

around 108 MPH
“Fred loved the look and feel of the G425, his launch and spin were perfect (12.5 launch spin around 2300-2400) and we dialed in the flight he wanted.” Couples cruises in around 108 MPH swing speed and 160-165 MPH ball speed—depending on how his back is feeling.

What is Fred Couples average driving distance?

The increase is even bigger for Fred Couples, if we use his driving-distance average (a whopping 300.4 yards) from 2015, the last time he played enough rounds on the PGA Tour Champions to have official stats.

What kind of swing does Fred Couples have?

Fred Couples has one of the most iconic swings in golf history. Even since turning 50, his swing is still amazing to watch, especially in slow motion. Fred Couples swing in slow motion (every angle)

What makes Fred Couples a Hall of Famer?

Being a hall of famer means Fred has done remarkable things in the game of golf and his swing is one that is talked about quite often. He’s known for his fluidity and length, but also for his persistent back problems.

Is there a way for Fred to swing more vertically?

Fred also has a very unique setup that allows him to swing more vertically than you might think. Check out the video and you’ll see how. Enjoy and keep it vertical! If you can’t view the YouTube video above try CLICKING HERE. You must allow popups from this site for the link to work. Your passion for the body friendly swing is well founded.

What kind of swing does Freddie Mercury have?

Freddie’s swing is unique in a couple of ways. One, he really keeps the club head out in front of the hands as he starts his swing away from the ball. Many people would say he takes the club much straighter back than most players. However, I like to say that it’s more upright or a more vertical take away.