Is Strictly Craig married?

Jane Horwoodm. 1990–1992
Craig Revel Horwood/Spouse

Who is Jonathan myring?

Who is Jonathan Myring? Jonathan is the fiance of Strictly judge Craig Revel-Horwood. He is 35-years-old. Jonathan is a horticulturist by profession.

How did Craig Revel Horwood become famous?

In 2012, Craig Revel Horwood was one of the celebrity contestants on the BBC2 series Maestro at the Opera. He won the competition. Craig Revel Horwood’s partner was Grant Macpherson. He then became engaged to Jonathan Myring.

How old Craig Revel Horwood?

56 years (January 4, 1965)
Craig Revel Horwood/Age

Who is Craig from strictly dating?

But Craig’s fortunes were about to change when in 2018, he met the man he believes is his soulmate – horticulturist Jonathan Myring, 37, after being introduced by a friend on the Strictly arena tour. Despite a 22-year age gap, Craig says it’s the happiest he has ever been, and they got engaged in 2020.

Who does Craig Revel Horwood live with?

Jonathan Myring
Strictly star Craig lives with his fiancé Jonathan Myring August 20, 2021 – 20:00 BST Rachel Avery. Strictly judge Craig Revel Horwood lives in Hampshire with his fiancé Jonathan Myring, and his wonderful home is just as fabulous as you’d expect.

Who is Craig Revel Horwood boyfriend?

He is best known as a judge on popular BBC dancing show Strictly Come Dancing, and as of 2020 he is the only judge to have appeared in every episode since its inception….

Craig Revel Horwood
Partner(s) Jonathan Myring (2018–present; engaged)

Who is Craig Revel Horwood’s boyfriend?

Craig is currently engaged to horticulturalist Jonathan Myring, who is 22 years his junior. The TV personality sweetly confirmed that he was in a relationship with Jonathan back in March 2018, telling The Sun: “He’s good looking, 5ft 10in, dark hair and beard. We met on the Strictly Tour a month ago.

Who was Craig Revel Horwood wife?

Craig Revel Horwood/Wife

Is Craig Revel Horwood married now?

Does Craig Revel Horwood have a partner?

Who is Craig Revel Horwood’s ex wife?

Jane Horwood1990 – 1992
Craig Revel Horwood/Ex-spouses

Who was Craig Revel Horwood married to before strictly?

STRICTLY’S Craig Revel-Horwood recently revealed his engagement to boyfriend of two years, Jonathan Myring. But the now openly gay Strictly judge was once married to a woman who bedded his pal. Here’s everything we know about their marriage and what Jane Horwood is up to now.

What kind of locutions does Craig Revel Horwood use?

Horwood has become known and imitated for his locutions, which often include exaggeratedly lengthened vowels, including: “It was a complete dahnce di-sah-ster, dahling” and “Chah-Chah-Chah”. These are available as ringtones through Horwood’s website, with profits going to the National Osteoporosis Society.

Who was Craig Revel Horwood dating on Tinder?

Craig Revel Horwood on meeting the love of his life on Tinder Craig Revel Horwood got engaged to his boyfriend of two years, Jonathan Myring, in March, however, when the pair met in 2018, the Strictly Come Dancing judge had given up on love.

When did Craig Revel Horwood sing for children in need?

Horwood lent his vocals to a single released by other celebrities under tutorage of choirmaster Gareth Malone for the Children in Need 2014 charity single.