Is it legal to record your driving test?

DVSA generally does not allow you to film or record your driving tests, or to take any footage on its premises. This includes both audio recordings and video recordings from inside or outside the vehicle, and applies to theory tests, practical driving tests and riding tests.

Can I film while driving?

Drivers have successfully argued that filming or taking photos while driving does not match the wording in the current legislation – which says it is illegal to use a device “which performs an interactive communication” while driving.

Can you use reverse camera Driving Test UK?

As with mirrors, candidates on a driving test should not be seen to be staring at either a mirror or a rear view camera – as long as they are used as an aid, then it is fine.

What to do if you make a mistake on the road test?

Focus on your driving, not the examiner. Spending your energy focusing on the actual test, and the person testing you, can lead to mistakes. Instead focus on your driving and make good, sound decisions just as you’ve done during practice. Don’t worry about mistakes. If you do happen to make a mistake during the road test, move on.

Do you have to stay at the road test office?

Your licensed driver is required to stay at our office until you have completed your test. Your license driver must have a clear driving record on the National Drivers Registry and State of Hawai’i. If your licensed driver’s license status is suspended in this State or any other State, your in-vehicle road test will be cancelled.

What to do on the day of the road test?

On the day of the test, remember these tips to stay calm and be confident: Focus on your driving, not the examiner. Don’t worry about mistakes. Be comfortable with your vehicle.

Do you have to make an appointment for a road test?

Some states will let you schedule a road test online, while others require you to call the DMV or a private testing facility ahead of time. Even if a driving test appointment isn’t required, you can save yourself a lot of time by making one.