Is how I met your mother worth watching?

How I Met Your Mother is one of the most unpredictable series you will ever watch. Everything you’re sure it’s going to happen, turns out it doesn’t. Characters travel, move out, date, lose their jobs, fight, all kinds of things can happen, which makes the plot more exciting and you just never get bored.

Who is the most successful cast member of How I Met Your Mother?

Josh Radnor — Net Worth: $30 Million Though he leads “How I Met Your Mother,” Josh Radnor may not be that famous among viewers for his other work, with small roles on other long-running series and a few small movies. But the show has been good to him, providing much of his $30 million fortune.

Did Ted sleep with Barneys sister?

Ted is shown to being protective of his younger sister, making a point to keep her away from Barney to prevent her from being seduced by him. It is later revealed that Barney and Heather did not sleep together, instead taking advantage of both Lily and Ted to prove that Heather had matured.

Why How I Met Your Mother is the best sitcom?

It was, at its best, the best-executed ensemble sitcom since Friends, and had a fairly long stretch when it was the best sitcom on TV. The show was created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, and it had a fruitful high concept.

Why should you watch Himym?

It teaches you a lot about friendship, falling in love and about life in general. I’ll tell you why I watch that show. And my answer is because of its heart felt characters. Once you start watching the show, you’ll end up getting attached to its characters.

Did Barney kisses Ted’s mom?

He Hits on Ted’s Mother Giving a whole new meaning to the words How I Met Your Mother, Barney continuously pursues Ted’s divorced mother, Virginia Mosby. The two even kiss when Barney picks her up from the airport.