How many watts can Alpine Type R handle?

The SWR-12D2 can handle an astounding 1000 watts of RMS power, so be sure to choose a suitable amplifier as these bass monsters definitely want lots of power.

What is the difference between Type R and Type S Alpine speakers?

The Type S speaker is Alpines “entry level speaker” continuous power handling is no more then 50W (RMS). The Type R speaker is one step up, [a much better speaker IMO] and continuous power handling is 100W (RMS) 110W (RMS) for the 2way components.

How many watts is a 12in Alpine Type R?

2250 Watt
The Alpine Type R 12 Inch 2250 Watt Max 4 Ohm Subwoofer. This subwoofer boasts power handling of 750 watts with a 4 ohm dual voice coil, as well as a Kevlar reinforced pulp cone and HAMR Santoprene rubber surround.

How many RMS is a Alpine Type R 12?

750 watts RMS
12″ subwoofer with dual 4-ohm voice coils. Kevlar reinforced pulp cone with HAMR Santoprene rubber surround. frequency response: 24-200 Hz. power handling: 750 watts RMS (375 watts per coil)

What are the specs of an alpine 12 inch subwoofer?

Alpine Type R 12 Inch Subwoofer Specs. RMS Power handleing: 250 Watts – 1000 Watts. Max Power Handleing: 3000 Watts. Frequency Response Range: 24hz – 200hz.

How big is an alpine type are 12 inch?

Power Range: 500W-750W RMS. Power Handling: 750W RMS / 2250W Peak. Parabolic Cone Structure with Pulp/Kevlar Cone & PP/Mica/Talc Dust Cap. Magnet Weight: 127oz. Voice Coil Diameter: 65.5mm / 2.6″. To see our price, add these items to your cart. One of these items ships sooner than the other.

Is the Alpine swr-1242d type are 12 ” subwoofer?

A redesigned thermal management system and aluminum airflow motor cover shed heat quickly for efficient operation and better power handling. The 2″ dual 4-ohm voice coils are big enough to handle lots of power while offering system wiring flexibility.

What kind of cone does alpine are series subwoofer use?

R-Series subwoofers feature a Kevlar-treated cone for durability. The combination of this cone with the Santoprene surround allows the subwoofer to deliver 19mm of X-max, for incredible, hard-hitting bass.