How many pieces of evidence are in Kingdom Hearts?

five pieces
When Sora returns with the evidence, the Queen adds her own evidence to Sora’s so that there are five pieces of evidence in total.

How do you get the fourth piece of evidence in Kingdom Hearts?

1 Answer

  1. Go the the lotus forest.
  2. Take the first area on the right, where you can jump up the the lily-pad type things.
  3. Go “backwards” towards where you came in from the throne room at, and in the corner there is a door back into the main room.

How many pieces of evidence are in Alice in Wonderland?

Alice is locked up and Sora is asked to present four pieces of evidence to prove that she is innocent. After the cutscene exit to the left where the Lotus Forest is found. You’ll meet the Chesire Cat, who will give you hints about the locations of the evidence.

How do you beat the boss in Alice in Wonderland in Kingdom Hearts?

Just jump and strike. This technique can be a little risky at some points, so have your potions ready. If you’re using magic, fire does more damage than blizzard. After the Heartless starts using fireballs, attacking it from the floor is the best option.

How do you beat Trickmaster?

Either hit the fireballs back or hide behind a chair or table when he shoots it. Before you say, he makes them disappear. As long as you don’t over use them, only one will go away.

Where is the keyhole in deep jungle?

It’s hard, you have to jump and grab, then jump up. Then bear left and go into the waterfall area. The keyhole is all the way at the top, head back in and past the white trinity mark.

Do you get a Keyblade from Wonderland?

Obtained: After unlocking access to White Trinity Marks, return to Wonderland and make your way to the Lotus Forest. Activating the White Trinity Mark and you will be rewarded with this Keychain.

How do you shrink in Lotus Forest?

Follow the White Rabbit. No, really. Follow him to the door, and talk to the door, which naturally won’t let Sora and company through. Instead, push the bed out of the way, and then drink the whatever-it-is on the table to shrink down.

Where do I go after I beat Trickmaster?

After you defeat Trickmaster, Sora will unlock the world through the doorknob and you will learn Blizzard (unless you already learned it). You can now go back to the Save Point in the Rabbit Hole and leave the world.

What is a trick master?

The Trick Master (Japanese: カラクリ大王 King of Tricks) is a character in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire. He lives on Route 110 in the Trick House.

What is Darkside Kingdom Hearts?

The Darkside is a Pureblood Heartless who can be found as a boss in most games in the Kingdom Hearts series.

How do you seal the keyhole in deep jungle?

You can exit at the top to seal the keyhole to Deep Jungle and receive a Navi-G Piece , the Jungle King Keyblade, and learn the power of Red Trinity , Trinity Charge. Head back to Traverse Town when you are finished. The Waterfall holds a handful of Chests so you want to make sure you grab them all before you leave.