How is Odysseus not an epic hero?

Odysseus is not a hero based on the standards of merciful, selfless, and gentle because of his actions of sacrificing his men, killing the suitors and being ruthless throughout the Odyssey. Along with many others qualities these three are helpful and necessary in a hero.

Is Odysseus an epic hero Why or why not?

Epic Hero Characteristics Odysseus is considered an epic hero for his role as King of Ithaca, his participation in the war, and his journey home. Tragic flaw: Because the hero is not solely divine, his tragic flaw stems from the fact that he is human.

How is Odysseus an epic hero essay?

Odysseus As An Epic Hero Summary: Considers makes Odysseus an epic hero in literature. A trait that makes Odysseus an epic hero is that he is very courageous and intelligence. He showed courage and intelligence when he was in Polyphemus the Cyclops’s cave. All his men panicked but Odysseus kept his cool.

How is Odysseus a hero?

In the spiritual sense Odysseus is a hero, because he remains faithful and loyal to his wife and household. Although he has been wandering away from home for almost twenty years, the only thing that keeps him alive is the thought of his wife and son that are back at home waiting for him.

Is Odysseus good or bad?

According to Greek ideals, Odysseus is a good man. Athena, the goddess of wisdom and warfare, favors him and intervenes with her father, Zeus, to bring him home. Athena implores her father, “But my heart breaks for Odysseus, that seasoned veteran cursed by fate so long—” in the first book of The Odyssey.

What bad decisions did Odysseus make?

The first bad decision that Odysseus made was poking Polyphemus’ eye out. Even though it was necessary to escape, poking the sea god’s son’s eye out is never a good idea. To make matters worse, Odysseus bragged about his accomplishment later to the cyclops.

What was Odysseus biggest mistake?

The first flaw of Odysseus that causes several setbacks in his endeavor to get back home is hubris (excessive pride). This is because it causes him to be disrespectful. This is shown when he cursed the gods after the Trojan War and refused any sacrifices to Poseidon.

What big decisions is Odysseus forced to make in Book 12?

The supernatural aid Odysseus is receiving. As Circe helps him negotiate his way through his journey, a very important decision Odysseus had to make was whether to allow Scylla take six of his men, or allow Charybdis take the whole boat.

How is Odysseus foolish?

In The Odyssey, as he leaves the Cyclops’ island, Odysseus’s foolish blunder is telling Polyphemus his name, which means that Poseidon, Polyphemus’s father, can take revenge on Odysseus and his men.

What is Odysseus known for?

Odysseus was a Greek hero famed for his intellect and cunning. He created the plan to sack the city of Troy using a giant hollow horse. He is also famous for his long odyssey, or journey, trying to return home after the events of the Trojan War.

How is Odysseus a hero in Book 9?

Odysseus is considered an epic hero for his role as King of Ithaca, his participation in the war, and his journey home. A hero has some type of superhuman ability, such as intelligence, physical strength, or bravery: Odysseus was known for his ability to think himself out of tough situations.

What does Odysseus say his name is?

When he finds himself trapped in the cave of the cyclops Polyphemus (who just happens to be the son of the God of the Sea, Poseidon), he tells him that his name is “Nobody.” A little later, when Odysseus blinds the one-eyed Polyphemus, the cyclops calls out to his brothers, “Nobody has blinded me.” His brothers …

Why does Odysseus reveal true identity?

The suitors warm and grease the bow to make it supple, but one by one they all try and fail. Meanwhile, Odysseus follows Eumaeus and Philoetius outside. He assures himself of their loyalty and then reveals his identity to them by means of the scar on his foot.

Why doesn’t Odysseus respect the Cyclops?

Why doesn’t Odysseus respect the Cyclopes? They are lawless creatures with no sense of community and no drive to cultivate the land. In lines 91-92, what does Odysseus’ metaphor imply about the Cyclops? He is huge and alone, like a mountain.

Why does Odysseus call himself Nohbdy?

To get him drunk and fall asleep. Why does Odysseus tell the Cyclops his name is Nohbdy? So when the Cyclops calls for help, the others will think that the gods caused the pain upon Polyphemus. The Cyclopes thought that Zeus cause Polyphemus’ pain, so they won’t do anything to help him.

What does Odysseus say when asked to identify himself?

Odysseus relates the story, saying, “Three times I poured some out and gave it to him, and, like a fool, he swilled it down.” When Polyphemus is drunk, Odysseus claims his name is Nobody. He says: “Cyclops, you asked about my famous name.

What did Odysseus tell Polyphemus his name was?

There, Odysseus was trapped in a cave of the Cyclops Polyphemus who ate two of the men the king of Ithaca was traveling with and was about to eat Odysseus himself. It is then, that Odysseus got Polyphemus drunk, told him that his name is “Nobody” and after that blinded the one-eyed giant.