How fast is a Polaris Xpress 300?

Sometimes, the Xpress will keep on revving without speeding up the way that it should. It starts to feel tedious, pushing it to get to 25-30 mph when it should be topping out at 53 mph.

Is a Polaris Xpress 300 4×4?

The Xplorer 300, with its air-cooled engine, operates in either two- or four-wheel-drive mode, controlled by a button located on the handlebar. It has an 850-pound towing capacity, and features an automatic Polaris Variable Transmission.

How much is a Polaris 300 worth?


Excellent $1,075
Very Good $900
Good $305
Fair $145
Poor N/A

How fast is a Polaris Xpress 400?

A stock 1998 Polaris Xplorer 400 can reach speeds of up to 60 mph on even surfaces and up to 53 mph off-pavement.

How fast is a Polaris Xplorer 500?

69.3 mph on GPS in a combined bean field).

How many cc’s is a Polaris Xplorer?

The Polaris Xplorer 250 is equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke engine. The piston displaces 244 cc, or 14.91 cubic inches, thanks to its 72mm bore and 60mm stroke. The engine has transverse mounting. The ATV comes with a carburetor fuel supply system.

What year did Polaris make the Sportsman 400?

Sportsman 400 H.O. 2010 Polaris Sportsman 400 H.O. is all about high-output middleweight ATV performance: a brawny 455cc engine, on-demand true AWD, independent rear suspensions and heavy-duty towing and racking capacity, all designed to deliver, and not only to make empty promises.

How fast does a 2000 Polaris Magnum 500 go?

The top speed of a stock 2000 Polaris Sportsman 500 is between 55 mph and 60 mph.

How much is a 1997 Polaris Sportsman 500 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $6,749 $1,250
Options (Change)
Total Price $6,749 $1,250

How fast does a Polaris Xplorer 250 go?

The top speed is about 45 mph….How fast can a Polaris 250 trailblazer go?

cc ATV Side by Side
150 35 MPH 15 to 30 MPH
200 40 MPH
250 50 MPH
300 53 MPH