How do you make God in Doodle God blitz?

God is available by making one of the following combinations:

  1. Combine iron plate and rainbow to create god.
  2. Combine bomb store and devils farts to create god.
  3. Combine actor and science to create god.

What’s the difference between Doodle God and Doodle God blitz?

Doodle God Blitz is a game in the Doodle God series. This game is rather different from previous games in the series, although it keeps the same core mechanic of combining two elements to create more. One major difference between this game and earlier games is the addition of a resource: “Glow power”.

How do you make a gun on Doodle God?

Combine Weapon and Hunter to create Warrior. Combine Weapon and Poison to create Poisoned weapon. Combine Weapon and Gun Powder to create Firearm.

How do you make a mysterious stone in Doodle God?


  1. Stonehenge: Stone + Stone + Stone.
  2. Pyramid of Cheops: Sand + Corpse + Stone.
  3. Sphinx: Human + Beast + Stone.
  4. Basilisk: Lizard + Poison + Stone.
  5. Santa’s Sleigh: Snow + Wood + Human.
  6. Eiffel tower: Metal + Tower + Skyscraper.
  7. Titanic: Ship + Ice + Death.
  8. Perpetual: Mechanism + Void + Energy.

How do you make dinosaur in Doodle God?

Combine earth and egg to create dinosaur.

How to create a universe in Doodle God Blitz?

Doodle God Blitz. In this addictive, ALL ages, puzzle game mix and match different combinations of fire, earth, wind and air to create an entire universe! As you create each element watch your world come alive as each element animates on your planet. The new “Planet” mode offers a new way to create a universe of your dreams.

What are the ingredients in Doodle God Blitz?

Group: Ingredients – No Change, Maxed 1 Meat 2 Bread 3 Milk 4 Cigarette 5 Wheat 6 Dough 7 Wool 8 Feather 9 Flour 10 Beer

How to make a Doodle God with 249 elements?

Doodle God – All 249 Elements – Combinations + Some Extra 1 Earth + Fire = Lava 2 Air + Earth = Dust 3 Air + Fire = Energy 4 Air + Energy = Storm 5 Water + Earth = Swamp 6 Water + Fire = Alcohol 7 Water + Alcohol = Vodka 8 Water + Lava = Stone & Steam 9 Water + Stone = Sand 10 Swamp + Sand = Clay Weitere Artikel…

Are there any cheats for Doodle God levels?

Doodle God Element Combinations Answers For All Levels, Cheats & Combinations. If you don’t know the answer for a certain Doodle level, check bellow. Find Below the complete solution and answers to the Doodle God Element Groups. Use this simple cheat index to help you solve all the Doodle God Combinations.