How do you cite an anthology?

To cite an anthology in MLA of works by the same author, you include the author of the work, title, collection title, editor’s name, publisher, year, and page range. An example of an MLA anthology citation includes: Frost, Robert.

How do you cite something that is already cited in Chicago?

Chicago style has two possible style formats: author-date and note. Include the original author and date in the sentence, and then cite the source for that quote in parentheses, including author, date, and page number: (as cited in Beaujot 2000, 110). Cite the source you read (Beaujot) in the reference list.

How do you cite an advertisement in Chicago style?

There is no provision for citing television advertisements in The Chicago Manual of Style. TV ads are in a sense part of the public experience and a matter of historical record. Say you are describing the advertisement for the Volkswagen Golf that features the Styx song Mr.

How do you cite an introduction by a different author in Chicago?

Foreword, preface, introduction or afterword If the author of the part is different from the main author of the book, cite the author of the part first, and cite the main author’s name (preceded by the word by) after the book title.