How big is an Australian Coke can?

In Australia the standard can size for alcoholic and soft drinks is 375 ml. Energy drinks are commonly served in 250 ml and 500 ml sizes. In Brazil the standard can size is 350 ml.

What is the dimensions of a Coke can?

Aluminum Beverage Can 12 Oz.

Dimensions (mm/in) 52.40/66.13 x 122.22 / 202/211 x 411
Diameter (mm/in) 52.40 +/-0.25 mm / 211
Conical diameter bottom (mm/in) 52.43 / 202
Height (mm/in) 122.22 / 411
Volume (L/ml/gl/oz/fl.oz) – / 355 / – / 12 / –

What are the dimensions of a 375ml Coke can?

Can 375ml Plain Classic

Height 129mm
Diameter 66mm
Orora Item Code CANORCL375
Orora Pallet Qty 3,456

What are the dimensions of a soft drink can?

Materials Metal. Metal – Aluminium
Shape – Top Down Cross Section Circular
Width 66.3 mm
Height 115.2 mm

Is a can of Coke 375ml?

Coca-cola Can 375ml.

Can Coke cost in Australia?

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How big is a Coke can cm?

To make a guess as to the volume, it may be easier to guess in cups rather than centimeters or inches. One may visualize that a 12 ounce soda can is about 1.5 cups. This is equivalent to 354.88 cubic centimeters or 21.656 cubic inches.

How many inches is a soda can?

A standard soda can is 4.83 inches high, with a diameter of 2.13 inches across the top and 2.6 inches at the widest point of the body. Standard soda cans in the United States contain 12 ounces of a beverage.

What are the dimensions of a standard can?

Chart Of Standard Can Sizes

Numbered Can Size Cans Sizes in Inches Volume
#1 Tall 3​1⁄16 x 4​11⁄16 16 oz.
#2 3​7⁄16 x 4​9⁄16 1 lb. 4 oz.
#2.5 4​1⁄16 x 4​11⁄16 1 lb. 13 oz.
#3 33 1/2 oz.

Why are cans 375mL in Australia?

Originally the stubbies and cans were reduced slightly to 13 imperial fluid ounces (369 ml), but with metrication they became 375 millilitres (13.2 imp fl oz), and the cans were later made of aluminium to accommodate its increasing use and lower cost compared to steel.

How tall is a 473ml can?

173.5 mm
Sleek Can

Unit Size Height Closed End Size (Dia)
355 ml 156.9 mm 202
450 ml 168 mm 202
473 ml 173.5 mm 202
473 ml 173.5 mm 206

What are the dimensions of a standard coke can?

A Coke can holds 12 fluid ounces or 355 milliliters. A can’s dimensions are 4.83 inches high, 2.13 inches in diameter at the narrowed top and 2.60 inches throughout the rest of a cylindrical can .

What is the size of a can of coke?

The standard Coke can size in the US is 355 ml or 12 oz. However there are some cans that come in 237 ml (8 oz) as well. The following are Coke can dimensions in various countries around the world.

How tall is a Coca Cola can?

Dimensions of the Coke Can. As a cylinder, the dimensions of the coke can is said to be around two and a half inches (2 1/2”) for its width and about four and thirteen sixteenth inches (4 13/16”) for its height.

Can of coke ounces?

Coca-cola – Regular Can Coke 355ml (12 Oz)