Do you need to upgrade all staffs for Easter egg?

However, you will need all staffs upgraded to complete the EE. Now that the riddles are done, we need to complete a challenge for each of the staffs and then place them back in the chamber (Crazy Place).

Can you do the origins Easter egg on local?

It can be done in custom games but you have to have it on normal difficulty. All easter eggs can be done in custom, but you have to be on normal. Although, if you have four people, then you might as well go to public.

Can you do the origins Easter egg on easy?

No. Once the Ultimate Staves are forged that’s where progress stops on Easy.

How to upgrade fire staff in Origins Ultimate?

BO3 Zombies Chronicles KAGUTSUCHI BLOOD Easter Egg If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. ORIGINS ULTIMATE WIND STAFF BUILD & UPGRADE GUIDE! BO3 Zombies Chronicles BOREAS FURY Easter Egg ORIGINS ULTIMATE LIGHTNING STAFF BUILD UPGRADE GUIDE! BO3 Zombies Chronicles KIMATS BITE Easter Egg

Where did the staff of fire get its name?

The upgraded Staff of Fire is named after the Japanese God of Fire, Kagutsuchi. If a player has PhD Flopper, and the fire staff equipped, if they dive to prone, the explosion will also deal fire damage and leave the zombies who were in the blast burned. The Vigor can be charged dealing massive damage to all zombies in a large radius of the blast.

Where is the riddle in staff of fire?

First, the player must solve the riddle located in the Crazy Place, located in the Fire part of it. The riddle in itself is fairly easy, as the player must kill approximately 30 zombies with the Fire staff on the metal grates.

What happens when you upgrade staff of fire to Kagutsuchi?

Once upgraded to the Kagutsuchi’s Blood, it functions the same as its previous version, except with a bigger blast radius and any zombies hit point blank range will be vaporized. The player can also hold down the firing button in order to charge it up, at the cost of more ammo per charged shot.