Who is wife of Karunas?

Grace Karunas

Political party Mukkulathor Pulipadai
Spouse(s) Grace Karunas
Children 2
Occupation Actor, comedian, musician, Singer ,Politician

What is the age of Ken Karunas?

About 20 years (2001)
Ken Karunas/Age

Is Karunas a singer?

Comedian-turned-politician Karunas began his career as pop singer and dancer. He extensively worked on Tamil folk music.

Who is the heroine of asuran?

Manju WarrierPachaiyammal
Ammu AbhiramiMaariyamalS. N. LakshmiDhanishaManimegalai

What is the age of Anuradha Sriram?

51 years (July 9, 1970)
Anuradha Sriram/Age

What is the height of Dhanush?

1.68 m

What kind of actor is Karunas in Tamil movies?

Karunas began his career as pop singer and dancer. He became a popular singer of Gaana or Tamil Folk Music. He then gradually appeared in films as a comedian. Karunas is a modern day comedian and has done good comic roles.

When did Karunas not appear in any more films?

His films as the lead hero, gradually had lower key promotions than the previous ones, and in 2015, Karunas announced he would not appear in any further lead roles.

Who is the singer that Karunas is married to?

Karunas is married to Grace, a playback singer in the Tamil film industry. The pair had met when Karunas was the guest judge at an inter-collegiate singing competition, and after being impressed, Karunas asked her to sing in his personal music album.

What is the name of Karunas’s little brother?

The couple have a daughter and a son named Ken Karunas who is a child artist in the movie industry, who was born in 2001, making his debut in Nedunchaalai. Karunas’s younger brother, Nagas, was set to making his acting debut through C. Ranganathan ‘s Vantharu Jaicharu, but the film eventually did not release.