Who are the members of the Bratayley family?

Bratayley | Billy, Katie, Annie, Hayley & The Dogs! We are Bratayley – a fun loving somewhat crazy family who loves to share our lives with you. Starting off as sharing a few of Annie’s gymnastics videos with dad while he was away with the military, we began to realize that it wasn’t just dad watching.

When did the Bratayley channel first come out?

His death received a lot of attention from the media which is one of the reasons why the Bratayley channel is popular today. The first video released on the channel was the teaser trailer (with the original intention of being Hayley’s personal channel), uploaded on December 31, 2010. The first vlog was released a day later.

Who is Billy from the Bratayley family still vlogging?

Billy has his own channel named Dadtayley where he posted workout videos and vlogs. In September 2019, Katie announced on her Instagram that she and Billy separated. Billy’s channel’s name was changed to JustBillyLeBlanc after him and Katie seperated. He is the only one out of the family who is still vlogging.

What kind of hair gel does Bratayley use?

Originally a gymnast, she soon rose to fame not only in Bratayley but also in the art of singing, first partnering with fellow YouTuber Hayden Summerall in their cover of “Little Do You Know”, and “Fly”, her first solo cover. She would soon release her own hair gel with Rock Your Hair.

When does a new Bratayley vlog come out?

The YouTube channel ” Bratayley ” was originally made for Hayley but it ended up being a family vlog channel. Usually, every day at 7:00 pm Eastern time/4:00 Pacific a new vlog is uploaded. Caleb Logan was born July 13th 2002. He has a channel called blazenoutlaws and he usually uploads Minecraft videos.

You’ll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. The Bratayley family – which includes mom Katie, dad Billy and daughters Annie and Hayley – will also be traveling to Anaheim, California, this week to attend VidCon.

Why did the bratayleys take a break from YouTube?

After Caleb’s shocking death, the family of vloggers took a break from their daily YouTube videos. However, they did eventually return to social media, saying that they wanted to focus on the “celebration of life” and not on their private grief over Caleb. Get push notifications with news, features and more.