Which is better SDL or SFML?

SFML: Easier, developed in C++, easy to setup and make your very own project in a matter of minutes. SDL: A bit harder, developed in C, but has native C++ support, as easy to setup, but you’ll need some fundamentals beforehand.

Is SDL faster than SFML?

Regarding speed (FPS) the hardware-accelerated SFML is obviously faster than the software-rendered SDL.

Does Godot use SDL?

As mentioned before, Godot puts most of the high performance/low level parts of the engine in Servers. This is similar to just writing the game yourself in SDL/OpenGL, except the rest of the engine is still available for everything else that is not specialized game code (like UI, IO, saving, networking, etc.

Does SFML use OpenGL?

Since SFML is based on OpenGL, its windows are ready for OpenGL calls without any extra effort.

Which is better to use SDL or SFML?

SDL displayed 416 frames. SFML displayed 6092 frames. –> SFML is 1464% faster than SDL. 5/ Test : dynamic text. SDL displayed 363 frames. SFML displayed 948 frames. –> SFML is 261% faster than SDL. Results on Linux with the same config are similar (a bit better for SFML).

Are there any features not present in SFML?

SDL has various features not present in SFML (IO streams abstraction, message box abstraction, and so on) The porting process was very daunting at first – even though I’ve tried to keep my SFML-related code separate, parts of it still leaked into higher level things.

Is it safe to use SFML 3 with C + +?

There’s also an “SFML 3” discussion floating around, which is about dropping C++03 support in SFML and finally starting to use C++11 (and later) features and making SFML’s API easier and safer to use, and dropping support for a lot of things at the same time (e.g. the abstraction on threads can be removed, because we have std::thread now).

Are there any AAA games made with SFML?

This is not the same for SFML – there are only a couple of commercial games made with it, and most of them are not made by AAA or even AA studios. Another issue with SFML is a crawling speed of its development. There are a lot of long-awaited features and bugs to be fixed.