Where to farm Legendary veins MapleStory?

Do the Shanghai Temple quest line that makes you climb the tower and help out the demons. Once you have access to the top floors, go up and down the tower and mine all the veins, change channels and repeat.

What drops primal essence?

Occasionally found from Heartstones, Gold Flowers, Mysterious Ore Veins, Mysterious Legendary Ore Veins, Mysterious Herbs, and Mysterious Legendary Herbs.

Where are silver veins MapleStory?

Silver Vein

  • Dry Road: Road to the Mine 2.
  • Verne Mine: Shaft 1.
  • Gelimer Research Lab: Security System Research Center 2.
  • Gelimer Research Lab: Security System Research Center 3.
  • Florina Beach: Lorang’s Sandy Beach.
  • Florina Beach: Lorang Lorang.
  • Excavation Site: Excavation Intermission Area.

How do you get primal essence in MapleStory reboot?

Primal Essence is a rare crafting material in MapleStory that is used for equipment such as Meister Ring and Meister Earrings. The item can be got from two main sources: Defeat the boss Arkarium (normal mode) Farm Heartstones and Gold Flowers.

How do I get to Ardentmill?

To get to Ardentmill, look for the portal located in every town in MapleWorld…. All can be found on the lower level near the NPC with the matching profession. Herbalists must be near the Herb Boiling Pot to refine flowers and seeds. Miners must be near the Mineral Separator to refine metal, jewel, and crystal ores.

Will Arkarium drop Dominator pendant?

Many maplers have been wondering what is the drop rate of DOM (dominator pendant) in Arkarium boss (normal mode). So if we want to calculate the drop rate for dominator pendant that is… 2/365*100 = 0.54794520547% That’s is lesser than 1% as expected.

Where do I get confusion fragments?

Confusion fragment is a etc item that drop by high level monsters like Arkarium and monsters on Stronghold maps.

How do you get Meister rings in Maplestory?

The Meister Ring becomes available for crafting once you reach Meister Accessory Craftsman level. This item is one of the best-in-slot items, and can be crafted multiple times.

Where is Grant Maplestory?


Function Elder
Quests involved *The Professional Crystal Construction
Location Ardentmill

Did blackgate city get removed?

It featured a city being invaded by hordes of demons through a portal in the center of the city. It featured masked variants of certain monsters from Zipangu and China, as well as 5 new bosses that dropped various treasures. It was in GlobalMS, ChinaMS, and TaiwanMS, but it has been removed from the game.