Where is the city of Schiedam in the Netherlands?

Schiedam ( [sxiˈdɑm] ( listen)) is a city and municipality in the west of the Netherlands. It located in the Rotterdam–The Hague metropolitan area, west of Rotterdam, east of Vlaardingen, and south of Delft.

What kind of gin is made in Schiedam?

Schiedam is also well known for the distilleries and malthouses and production of jenever ( gin) − such as the internationally renowned Ketel One − so much so that in French and English the word schiedam (usually without a capital s-) refers to the town’s Holland gin.

Is there a windmill in Schiedam, the Netherlands?

A windmill in Schiedam. Schiedam ([sxiˈdɑm] ( listen)) is a city and municipality in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands. It is part of the Rotterdam metropolitan area. The city is located west of Rotterdam, east of Vlaardingen, and south of Delft.

Who is the most famous saint in Schiedam?

Furthermore, the city is known for Saint Lidwina, one of the most famous Dutch saints (her relics are located in the Liduina Basilica in Schiedam).

What are the most popular sports in Schiedam?

The most popular sports in Schiedam are soccer and field hockey. The town used to have a professional soccer team named svv (Schiedamse voetbal vereniging), but after financial problems the club was declared bankrupt. Cricket is more popular in Schiedam than in most other Dutch cities.


What’s the best way to travel in Schiedam?

There are very good public transport services in Schiedam. You can travel by bus and tram to most parts of the city. To pay for your travel you will need an ov-chipkaart which can be bought and topped up with credit from most stations. Hiring a bicycle to get around town is a good idea and they can be hired cheaply in the city.

When did the Schiedam train disaster take place?

On 4 May 1976 the Schiedam train disaster also took place near the station which caused 24 deaths. At the end of the 19th and throughout the 20th century, the shipbuilding industry was booming in Schiedam, with the existence of large companies like Wilton-Fijenoord and others.