Where is Novi Travnik in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Novi Travnik is a town and municipality located in Central Bosnia Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What was the original name of Novi Travnik?

The municipality was called Novi Travnik until 1980, when it was styled Pucarevo after Đuro Pucar. In 1992 the original name was restored. Novi Travnik was founded in 1949 to provide residence for the employees of the newly founded MMK Bratstvo factory, and so it is one of the youngest settlements in the region.

When did the settlement of Travnik begin and end?

Although there is evidence of some settlement in the region dating back to the Bronze Age, the true history of Travnik begins during the first few centuries AD. Dating from this time there are numerous indications of Roman settlement in the region, including graves, forts, the remains of various other structures, early Christian basilicas, etc.

What was the economy of Novi Travnik during the war?

Economy of Novi Travnik was greatly dependent on the MMK “Bratstvo” factory which was almost completely destroyed during the war, specially after a Serb air attack on 28 February 1994 (see Banja Luka incident ).

How tall is Travnik in meters above sea level?

Travnik itself is built in the large Lašva valley, which connects the Bosna river valley in the east with the Vrbas river valley in the west. Travnik is found 514 metres (1,686 feet) above sea level.

Where was Travnik located in the Middle Ages?

In the Middle Ages the Travnik area was known as the župa Lašva province of the medieval Bosnian Kingdom. The area is first mentioned by Bela IV of Hungary in 1244. Travnik itself was one of a number of fortified towns in the region, with its fortress Kaštel becoming today’s old town sector.