Where is Maya Lin from?

Athens, Ohio, United States
Maya Lin/Place of birth
Maya Lin, (born October 5, 1959, Athens, Ohio, U.S.), American architect and sculptor concerned with environmental themes who is best known for her design of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Where is Maya Lin’s parents from?

Maya Lin was born in Athens, Ohio. Her parents emigrated from China to the United States, her father in 1948 and her mother in 1949, and settled in Ohio before Lin was born. Her father, Henry Huan Lin, born in Fuzhou, Fujian, was a ceramist and dean of the Ohio University College of Fine Arts.

Is Maya Lin Vietnamese?

This 21-Year-Old College Student Designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Maya Lin won a design competition—and sparked a national controversy. A Chinese-American, Lin was born in Ohio, where her parents were professors.

What is Maya Lin heritage?

Lin was born and raised in Athens, Ohio (1959), where her parents, both professors at Ohio University, emigrated from China just before the Communist takeover in 1949. She sees her Asian-American heritage as the source of her refusal to separate East/West influences, reason and intuition, and left and right brain.

Where does Maya Lin live now?

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What jobs did Maya Lin have?

Although chiefly known as a sculptor, Lin also has worked on several architectural projects, which often have been noted for their emphasis on sustainability. Some of the high-profile works in this realm include the Langston Hughes Library (1999) and the Museum of Chinese in America in New York City (2009).

Who married Maya Lin?

Daniel Wolf
Maya Lin/Spouse
Maya Lin and her husband, photography dealer Daniel Wolf, had two daughters and maintained homes in New York City and on a ranch in Ridgway, Colorado. Wolf died unexpectedly in January 2021. Despite this loss, Maya Lin completed two major projects in the first half of the year.

Is Maya Lin married?

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