What is the song used in the Microsoft Surface commercial?

Microsoft have just launched this new TV ad campaign for their Surface Laptop, which the tech giant promotes as beautiful, powerful, soft and great sounding. The soundtrack to this commercial is an instrumental section from a song called ‘Thunder’ by the American rock band Imagine Dragons.

Who sings the Microsoft Surface commercial?

Stephanie Tarling
The commercial for the Microsoft Surface Laptop features another cover by Stephanie Tarling. In the video, Tarling sings a haunting cover of “You’re The One That I Want” from the musical Grease.

Who is the actor in the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 commercial?

actor Justin Long
Microsoft further asks – “Hey Bro, can you do this?” and goes ahead to stretch the Surface Pro screen, taking it off to use as a tab and then reattaching it again. Recently, Intel also released a new ad with actor Justin Long to boast Intel-powered PCs gaming capabilities, performance, and different designs.

Who are the kids in the Microsoft ad?

The commercial focuses on the stories of young video game fans Owen, Grover, Ian, Taylor, Sean, and other kids who, like them, have limb differences that make using a regular video game controller a challenge.

Who is the girl in the Microsoft commercial?

Nadine Velazquez. This stunning Latina started out as a model and commercial actress before landing a recurring rule on the daytime soap The Bold and the Beautiful in 2003.

When you have a vision bring it to the surface?

There’s a Better Way to Measure TV & Streaming Ad ROI As Maurice steps back from his interactive flower arrangement, Microsoft says when people have a vision, they should bring it to the Surface. “When You Have a Vision, Bring It to the Surface.”

Does Surface Pro 7 come with pen?

No, it doesn’t! Surface Pen or stylus isn’t included in the box when you purchase Surface Pro 7. However, Surface Pro 7 supports all Surface Pen that shipped with Surface Pro 3 or later including the latest Surface Pen that all the features: 4096 levels of pressure.

Who is TK in the Microsoft Teams commercial?

Vivien Cardone
Born in Port Jefferson, Long Island, in April 1993, actress Vivien Cardone was home-schooled for her first nine years and subsequently moved with her family to Utah, where she attended private Christian school.