What is the meaning of faible?

British English: faint /feɪnt/ ADJECTIVE. Something that is faint is not strong or intense.

What Moyen means?

1a chiefly Scottish : a means of doing something. b obsolete : mediation, intercession. 2 chiefly Scottish : a course of action.

What is the feminine of fort in French?

When the feminine ‘e’ is added, we hear the last consonant. For example: fort is pronounced like (for), but forte is pronounced similar to (fort) in English.

Is faible masculine or feminine in French?


masculin féminin
le plus faible les plus faibles le moins faible les moins faibles la plus faible les plus faibles la moins faible les moins faibles

What language is Moyen?

Translate “Moyenne” from French to English – Interglot Mobile.

What mean in French?

signifier. More French words for mean. signifier verb. signify, imply, notify, denote, import. vouloir dire verb.

Is fort French for Old?

From Old French fort, from Latin fortis, fortem (“strong”), from Old Latin forctis, fortis, from Proto-Indo-European *bʰerǵʰ- (“to rise, high, hill”).

What is the opposite of active in French?

Adjectives’ Opposite pairs

actif/active paresseux/paresseuse (lazy)
blond/ blonde (blond) brun/brune (brown haired)/ or roux/ rousse (redhead)
gros/grosse (fat) mince (thin)
in French all adjectives…. agree in gender and number with the nouns they describe.

How do you conjugate adverbs in French?

To make an adverb, take the feminine singular form of an adjective and add -ment. For example: heureuse (feminine singular of heureux – happy) becomes heureusement (happily, also used to say luckily) claire (feminine singular of clair – clear) becomes clairement (clearly)

What does Moyen mean in dogs?

Moyen means “medium” in French and refers to a fourth size of poodle which was created and is recognized in Europe. You will also hear this size referred to as Klein, which is the German term. Here in the states we consider Moyen poodles to be about 15″ – 20″ at the shoulder, and about 15-35lbs.