What is the caldera side of Santorini?

Santorini’s half-moon-shaped bay is the center of the caldera (a cauldron-like volcanic depression), which collapsed after a volcanic eruption during the Minoan civilization, eventually leading to their decline, just like Pompeii.

What caldera means?

A caldera is a large depression formed when a volcano erupts and collapses. During a volcanic eruption, magma present in the magma chamber underneath the volcano is expelled, often forcefully. Some calderas form a lake as the bowl-shaped depression fills with water.

What is the volcano called in Santorini?

Santorini Caldera

Santorini Caldera
Location Aegean Sea, Greece
Mountain type Caldera (active)
Last eruption January to February 1950

When did Santorini caldera form?

1620 BC
Around 1620 BC, the fourth (and latest) major eruption created the present-day islands and caldera bay of Santorini Volcano. The caldera rim is clearly visible in this image as a steep cliff forming the western shoreline of the island of Thera.

Which is the best hotel in Santorini for Caldera view?

Athermi Suites is a great caldera view hotel in Santorini, which gives visitors with a view of Caldera point from the room balcony itself. The room is equipped with features and viewpoints, which can contain any person to observe and appreciate the place more than anything else.

Is the caldera of Santorini in the Aegean Sea?

Its sun-bleached, smooth-edged houses, azure-domed churches, narrow streets and glorious views over the expanse of the Aegean Sea are emblematic of this little paradise. But not many people know that the volcanic island we know was centuries – or even millennia – in the making. What’s more, few know exactly where its caldera is.

Which is the best hotel to view the caldera?

One of the best Fira hotels with caldera view. Grand View, by far gives the grandest view of the Sunrise over Caldera. Located in Fira it gives out stunning visuals to the guests, and with a cup of coffee in hand, time seems to slow down as well.

Which is the best hotel to stay in in Santorini?

But they are all wonderful pools that peak over the edge of the caldera cliff and have incredible views of the volcano or sunset – or both. There are also many great Santorini Hotels With Private Pools. The best swimming pool on Santorini is at Grace Santorini.