What is the African penguin classification?

African penguin/Class

The African penguin is a member of the class Aves and the order Sphenisciformes. It belongs to the penguin family Spheniscidae, and is classified as Spheniscus demersus.

What family is the African penguin in?

African penguin/Family

What is an African penguins scientific name?

Spheniscus demersus
African penguin/Scientific names

Are African penguins nocturnal?

African Penguins are a diurnal species that is found to be most active during dawn and dusk. So technically, it is a crepuscular species. During their active time, they can be found swimming and hunting in the sea.

How long does an African penguin live?

LIFE CYCLE: This penguin’s average lifespan in the wild is 20 years. FEEDING: African penguins feed on pelagic schooling fish, particularly sardine and anchovy.

What is another name for African penguins?

Common names: Jackass penguin, black-footed penguin, African penguin, Cape penguin, pikkewyn (Afrikaans) and nombombiyane (Xhosa).

How fast can an African penguin swim?

15 miles per hour
African penguins can swim at top speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. However, they typically only swim that fast when avoiding a predator or catching up to a school of fish. Usually they cruise at much slower speeds.

How long does a African Penguin live?

Where are African penguins found in South Africa?

The African Penguin is a small to medium sized Penguin species that is found along the coast of South Africa and on a number of its surrounding islands.

What kind of animal is a Black Penguin?

African penguins are a medium-sized temperate penguin with one black band across their chest. They have a variable amount of black spotting on their chest and belly. Temperate species, like the African penguin, lack feathers on their legs and have bare patches on their faces. Excess heat can dissipate through these unfeathered areas.

How big is an African penguin when it is full grown?

The African penguin has a black bill and shortened tail. Males and females have the same plumage, making it difficult to differentiate between sexes. However, males can be distinguished from females by a slightly bigger and broader bill. Adults weigh on average 2.2–3.5 kg and are 60– 70 cm in height.

Is the African penguin on the Endangered Species List?

Conservation status. The African penguin is one of the species to which the African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement (AEWA) applies. In September 2010, it was listed as endangered under the US Endangered Species Act. As of 2018, the African penguin is listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List. Its population is approximately 50,000 birds and declining.