What is corporate ID RHB Reflex?

‘Corporate ID’ means the access identification number issued by RHB to the Customer to authorise and confirm the Profiles and User IDs created with the use of the Customer’s Admin ID.

How do I cancel my RHB Reflex payment?

Enter the Challenge Code that appear on the screen into the Token. An 8-digit number will be generated by the Token. Enter this this number into the Token field box. Enter the “Reason to Stop Payment”.

How do I reset my RHB Reflex token?

  1. At the Reflex Login page, please enter the following information: i. Reflex Corporate ID. ii. User ID. iii. Enter your One-Time Password at Password field. iv.
  2. Please set a New Password. Once the new password is entered, click on Submit button.
  3. Upon successful validation, you will now be able to login into RHB Reflex.

What is RHB Reflex Premium Plus?

RHB Reflex Premium Plus helps you manage the tedious aspects of your financial, sales, accounting, people management and other processes, so you won’t get side-tracked in keeping up with daily business processes.

How do you transfer money through RHB Reflex?

Step 1: Login to RHB Reflex as Authorizer and click on Pending Authorization. Step 2: In the Pending Authorization page, locate and click Bulk Payment. Step 4: Check your payment details, number of records, and total amount debiting.

How do you activate RHB Reflex?

Type the URL http://www.rhbgroup.com at the web browser.

  1. Click on “Login”.
  2. Click on “RHB Reflex”.
  3. At the RHB Reflex Login screen,enter the assigned Corporate ID to your company on the “Corporate ID” field.
  4. Enter the User ID assigned to you at the “User ID” field.
  5. Click on the Next, Get Secret Word button.

How do I check the status of my RHB Cheque?

How do I check the cheque status?

  1. Login as User and under “Account Management” tab; select “Cheque Management”.
  2. Click “Cheque Status Inquiry”.
  3. Select Account Number by clicking .
  4. Key in the “Cheque Number” (From and To). From & To Cheque Number should not be less than 6 digit.
  5. Click to proceed.
  6. Click to print details or.

Can IBG be Cancelled?

Can I cancel the transaction after I’ve sent it? Once payment is confirmed, customer will not be able to retract the transaction. Customer can go to the nearest branch immediately to request a recovery of funds by filling in a form available at the bank.

How do you unblock RHB Reflex?

Procedures to Unblock Users

  1. Login as sysadmin1 and under the “Administrative” tab; select ““User Maintenance”;
  2. Under “User”; click “View/Modify”
  3. Click to view all user.
  4. Select the “User ID” you wish to view.
  5. Click to proceed to next step.
  6. Under “User Status”, select “Active”
  7. Click.

How do I check my RHB Reflex balance?

How do I see the current account balance?

  1. Login as User and under. “ Account Management” tab; select “Account Inquiry”
  2. Click “Current Account Balance Inquiry”.
  3. Click to see the Transaction History of the day and to view Account Details.
  4. Click on or .

What do you need to know about RhB reflex?

RHB Reflex A secured web-based financial solution that puts control of business in your hand. Access your account on-the-go, perform payments and get real-time information anytime, anywhere. Your browser does not support the video tag.

Is the RhB reflex secure plus token still valid?

RHB Reflex Secure Plus Token is a digital token which is embedded within the RHB Reflex Mobile App. (Applicable for new Reflex applications and all Reflex token service requests) **Note: users may still continue to use their old tokens to access RHB Reflex.

Can You Send payroll data to RhB via reflex?

At RHB, organizations can safely transmit payroll data relating to staff salaries, bonuses and commissions via Reflex for processing. You can also credit employer and employee contributions to statutory bodies such as EPF (Employees Provident Fund), SOCSO (Social Security) and the Inland Revenue Board (IRB).

What is the email address for yourreflexcard.com?

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