What is a synonym for protectorate?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for protectorate. dependency, mandate, possession, territory.

What is a protectorate in imperialism?

In this form of imperialism, a powerful nation installs its own government and maintains direct control over other territories and regions. A protectorate is when a country is able to govern itself through its own internal government, but is still controlled by an outside power.

What is an American protectorate?

A protectorate is a state that is controlled and protected by another sovereign state. It is a dependent territory that has been granted local autonomy over most internal affairs while still recognizing the suzerainty of a more powerful sovereign state without being its direct possession.

Why were protectorate created?

The use of the term protectorate to describe such a relationship is a recent one, dating from the 19th century. This use was also developed during the 19th century as a means of colonial expansion or as a means of maintaining the balance of power.

Who were the protectorate?

Protectorate, the English government from 1653 to 1659. After the execution of King Charles I, England was declared a commonwealth (1649) under the rule of Parliament. But, after Oliver Cromwell had dissolved the Rump and Barebones parliaments in succession in 1653, he was installed on Dec.

Was China a protectorate?

The Chinese Protectorate was an administrative body responsible for the well-being of ethnic Chinese residents of the Straits Settlements during that territory’s British colonial period. Protectorates were established in each area of the Settlements, namely Singapore, Penang and Malacca.

What is the difference between a protectorate and a territory?

A territory is an area administered by a country without being fully a part of that country. A protectorate is nominally independent but relies on another country for it’s defense through treaties.

Which countries are US protectorates?

The following countries are considered as US Protectorates: Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, US Minor Outlying Islands, Guam, American Samoa and Northern Mariana Islands.

Is Canada a British protectorate?

As a British dominion, the united provinces were no longer a colony, and Canada was free to act like its own country with its own laws and parliament. It also gained financial independence and the responsibility to defend itself. However, it was still under British rule and did not have full legal autonomy.

What kind of coral is in Ras Mohammad?

Coral reef, of the fringing and hermatypic types, exist along the coast around Ras Mohammad close to the shoreline. More than 220 species of coral are found in the Ras Mohammad area, 125 of them soft coral.

How did Ras Muhammad National Park get its name?

The park was also established to protect against urban sprawl from Sharm El Sheikh and other coastal development. The name literally means “Mohammad’s Head”, where “head” in this instance means ” headland “.

Are there any synonyms for the word protector?

The friend and protector of the young Desplein, the future famous surgeon. Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group. Why Do “Left” And “Right” Mean Liberal And Conservative?

Where are the islands in Ras Muhammad National Park?

Marsa Bareika is a small bay inlet in Ras Mohammed, and Marsa Ghozlani is a very small inlet located across from the park visitors center. Ras Mohammad encompasses two islands, Tiran and Sanafir. Tiran Island is located approximately 6 km offshore from the Sinai Peninsula.