What happened at the end of Cities of Gold?

At the end of the series Mendoza, Sancho, and Pedro, having salvaged some gold before the city’s destruction, return to Spain—while Esteban and his friends set out across the Pacific on the golden condor in search of the remaining Cities.

How many seasons are there of Mysterious Cities of Gold?

The Mysterious Cities of Gold (2012 TV series)

The Mysterious Cities of Gold
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 104
Running time approx. 22–23 minutes

Where can I watch mysterious city of gold?

Watch The Mysterious Cities of Gold, The Complete Series | Prime Video.

How many episodes of mysterious cities of gold are there?

The Mysterious Cities of Gold/Number of episodes
The 39 episodes of the animated series The Mysterious Cities of Gold were co-produced between DiC Entertainment and Studio Pierrot.

What are the seven lost cities of gold?

According to legend, the seven cities of gold could be found throughout the pueblos of the New Mexico Territory. Besides “Cibola”, names associated with similar lost cities of gold also include: El Dorado, Paititi, City of the Caesars, Lake Parime at Manoa, Antilia, and Quivira.

What is a golden condor?

The Golden Condor (also know as The Great Condor, The Condor, The Grand Condor, or simply Condor) is a gigantic, solar-powered ornithopter (mechanical bird). It uses solar energy to levitate and fly, thus only flying during the day. Near sunset, the Condor finds a suitable location and lands automaticaly.

Where can I watch The Mysterious Cities Of Gold Season 4?

Streaming, rent, or buy The Mysterious Cities of Gold – Season 4: You are able to buy “The Mysterious Cities of Gold – Season 4” on Amazon Video as download.

Which city is called the fabled city of gold?

El Dorado
Complete answer: El Dorado was called the fabled “City of Gold”. El Dorado had a legendary story in which precious stones were found in a great amount along with the gold coins.

Is there a real city of gold?

The dream of El Dorado, a lost city of gold, led many a conquistador on a fruitless trek into the rainforests and mountains of South America. But it was all wishful thinking. The “golden one” was actually not a place but a person – as recent archaeological research confirms.

Which city is known as city of gold?

Bombay: City of Gold.

How many episodes of Mysterious Cities of gold are there?

The 39 episodes of the animated series The Mysterious Cities of Gold were co-produced between DiC Entertainment and Studio Pierrot. The series premiere episode was broadcast in Japan by NHK on 1 May 1982, and it entirely ran for 39 episodes until its conclusion on

Who is the author of the Mysterious Cities of gold?

The story was written by Jean Chalopin and Bernard Deyriès, and is very loosely based on the novel The King’s Fifth by Scott O’Dell. The series’ chief director was Hisayuki Toriumi.

When did the Seven Cities of gold take place?

Set in 1532, the series follows the adventures of a young Spanish boy named Esteban who joins a voyage to the New World in search of the lost Seven Cities of Gold and his father.

Who are the Seven Cities of gold in El Dorado?

They dream of following the path of the setting sun that leads to El Dorado and the Mysterious Cities of Gold. In 1532 a Spanish orphan named Esteban joins Mendoza, a navigator, and his associates Sancho and Pedro, in their search for one of the Seven Cities of Gold in the New World, hoping to find his father.