What does the saying brother in arms mean?

: a close associate especially : a fellow member of a military service.

Where did the saying brothers in arms come from?

The phrase brothers in arms has been around since the 1480s for fellow soldiers and knights, perhaps modeled on the post-classical Latin frater in armis, a “brother in arms.” In the military, there’s historically been emphasis on the concept of fraternity and camaraderie among soldiers, and brothers in arms represents …

What are arms?

1 : a human upper limb especially : the part between the shoulder and the wrist. 2 : something like or corresponding to an arm: such as. a : the forelimb of a vertebrate. b : a limb of an invertebrate animal.

What is a Brotherin?

The husband of one’s sibling. noun. 25. 4. The brother of one’s spouse.

Who Covered Brothers in Arms?


Title Performer Release date
Brothers in Arms Dire Straits May 1985
Brothers in Arms Joan Baez June 1987
Brothers in Arms Gregorian 1999
Brothers in Arms The Sultans [tribute] June 27, 2002

What is the plural form of comrade in arms?

comrade in arms (plural comrades in arms) (military) A fellow combatant or soldier.

Who are the main characters in sisters in arms?

Sisters in Arms by Kaia Alderson is a great WWII-era historical fiction that places a spotlight on the actual existence of a wonderful group of brave women that made up the 6888 battalion of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps. This book has it all: history, excellent female character cast, gripping narrative, suspense, and action. I loved it.

What do you call a Woman Comrade in arms?

sister – in – arms (plural sisters-in-arms) A woman comrade in arms.

Why are women not allowed to join the Army?

Women, who choose to become active combat soldiers, are unlikely to shirk their duty by becoming pregnant after a call-up as these women have willingly joined the army. Effectiveness. The blanket restriction for women limits the ability of commanders in theater to pick the most capable person for the job. Tradition.