What does Euro Pacific Capital invest in?

The fund invests primarily in investment grade government bonds, with the remainder dedicated to what the management team believes are undervalued corporate bonds from companies in attractive sectors with improving fundamentals.

What is Euro Pacific?

Overview. Euro Pacific Asset Management, LLC is an independent investment advisor focused on providing high-quality, sustainable investment strategies to clients globally. We take a fresh approach to understanding the economy and investing internationally that is not overly influenced by traditional economic views.

Is Peter Schiff right about Bitcoin?

Schiff says he wants to unchain people from the government, release them from tax payments, and free people up so that they can save for their own retirement. However, Schiff doesn’t believe in the positive features of bitcoin.

Is Peter Schiff a bear?

Peter Schiff is a vocal Bitcoin bear. At times he has remarked that he sees Bitcoin as resembling the tulip mania bubble.

Is the big short about Peter Schiff?

Peter Schiff, a big Wall Street short who accurately predicted the 2008 global financial crisis, says the U. S. economy is sliding into freefall, which will be worse than the Great Recession of 2008.

Who is the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital?

Peter David Schiff ( / ʃɪf /; born March 23, 1963) is an American libertarian, stock broker, financial commentator, economist and radio personality. He is CEO and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., a broker-dealer based in Westport, Connecticut.

Who is the manager of Euro Pacific Asset Management?

All of our strategies are actively managed by our team of investment professionals and guided by the investment philosophies of Peter Schiff. Euro Pacific Asset Management has created a family of mutual funds based on Peter Schiff’s economic philosophies. Free Consultation for U.S. Investors.

Is there a Euro Pacific Capital mutual fund?

For investors who desire diversification, convenience and active management, Euro Pacific Capital, through a related investment advisory firm and sub-advisor Euro Pacific Asset Management, offers a series of mutual funds focused on different areas of the global investment marketplace.

Who was the former it director of Euro Pacific Bank?

Euro Pacific Bank’s former IT director, John Ogilvie, also revealed problems with the bank’s security, The Age further reported, noting that at one point Russians tried to extort the bank for a ransom of 1,000 bitcoins. The Schiff family is well known for disliking paying taxes.