What did Plato say about society?

Plato believes that conflicting interests of different parts of society can be harmonized. The best, rational and righteous, political order, which he proposes, leads to a harmonious unity of society and allows each of its parts to flourish, but not at the expense of others.

What did Plato and Aristotle say about music?

The prominent Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle affirmed that music contained an intrinsic element that was conducive to the promotion of moral or spiritual harmony and order in the soul.

Where does Plato talk about music?

In the 28 dialogues (and one book of letters), Plato speaks of the arts and specifically about music. He writes that music, as a whole, (and discourses, and tales of imagination), have the effect of delighting us “if they are beautiful” (Hipp maj 298a).

What did Plato say about opinions?

“Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.” “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.”

What were Plato’s main teachings?

In metaphysics Plato envisioned a systematic, rational treatment of the forms and their interrelations, starting with the most fundamental among them (the Good, or the One); in ethics and moral psychology he developed the view that the good life requires not just a certain kind of knowledge (as Socrates had suggested) …

What does Socrates say about music?

Socratic music is, as we shall see, philosophical music, the music of truth. Its special force will lie in this, that its logoi are, at the same time, erga, this coincidence being precisely what the poets cannot achieve; they, for all their speeches, leave no true works behind at all (599b3). 1b.

Did Plato say opinion is the lowest form of intelligence?

Another well known contribution by Plato is the theory of Forms. The quote “Opinion is the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. The highest form of knowledge is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s world.

What did Plato mean by’music, Plato’?

Showing all quotes that contain ‘music, plato’. “Musical innovation is full of danger to the State, for when modes of music change, the fundamental laws of the State always change with them.” “Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.”

What did Plato say about the danger of musical innovation?

“Musical innovation is full of danger to the State, for when modes of music change, the laws of the State always change with them. “Give me the music of a nation; I will change a nation’s mind. “If you want to measure the spiritual depth of society, make sure to mark it’s music.

What did Plato say about immoral music?

Aristotle recognized that music communicates emotion, and that immoral music can shape our character for the worse. Plato also observed the effect that music had on society in his day and made this thought-provoking statement: Any musical innovation is full of danger to the whole state, and ought to be prohibited.

Where does the quote music is a moral law come from?

(Wordsworth Dictionary of Musical Quotations, 1991, p. 45). The Wordsworth Dictionaryattributes this quote to Plato, but curiously does not cite from which book of Plato’s writings the quotation is derived. As a music therapist who also practices the Bonny Method of Guided imagery and Music, this quote is particularly appealing to me.