Is undertreated a word?

Undertreated meaning Simple past tense and past participle of undertreat.

What means under diagnosis?

: failure to recognize or correctly diagnose a disease or condition especially in a significant proportion of patients …

What is meaning of treatment in various discipline?

Answer: the act or manner or an instance of treating someone or something: such as. a: conduct or behavior towards another. The actor requires careful treatment.

What under threat means?

: by someone who has been threatened with harm an action done under threat.

What is another word for untreated?

Synonyms: unprocessed. not altered from an original or natural state. raw. not processed or refined. Antonyms: treated.

Why don t girls get diagnosed with ADHD?

Multiple factors may contribute to the lack of ADHD diagnosis in girls during childhood, including differences in predominant symptoms (internalizing rather than externalizing) and subtype (inattentive rather than hyperactive)7; the presence of comorbid psychiatric disorders, including depression and anxiety,8,9 which …

What is the synonym of diagnosis?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for diagnosis, like: determination, analysis, investigation, examination, judgment, diagnosing, post-operative, conclusion, identification, opinion and clinical-diagnosis.

What is called treatment?

treatment. / (ˈtriːtmənt) / noun. the application of medicines, surgery, psychotherapy, etc, to a patient or to a disease or symptom. the manner of handling or dealing with a person or thing, as in a literary or artistic work.

What is the two meaning of measurement?

1 : the act of determining size, capacity, or quantity The instruments provide accurate measurement. 2 : the extent, size, capacity, or amount of something as has been determined The room’s measurements are 20 feet by 14 feet. measurement. noun.

What is an example of threatening?

If you tell someone “I am going to kill you,” this is an example of a threat. A person who has the potential to blow up a building is an example of a threat. When it appears as if it is going to rain, this is an example of a situation where there is a threat of rain. Threaten.

What’s another word for under pressure?

What is another word for under pressure?

stressed harassed
under duress worried
anxious strained
troubled agitated
plagued tormented

What does left untreated mean?

adjective. If an injury or illness is left untreated, it is not given medical treatment. If left untreated, the condition may become chronic. adjective. Untreated materials, water, or chemicals are harmful and have not been made safe.

What is the meaning of the word undertreatment?

(plural undertreatments) Insufficient treatment, often specifically medical treatment (interior decoration) A window treatment applied underneath an existing treatment

What does undergo treatment mean in medical terms?

He has had 13 operations and is still undergoing treatment. In 2009 you were diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and had to undergo significant treatment for this. The court in Baltimore, US, heard he was undergoing treatment for alcohol abuse. Treatment is medical attention given to a sick or injured person or animal.

What does treatment mean in health care category?

Treatment means an examination to determine if a serious health condition exists, evaluations of the condition, and actual treatment by the health care provider to resolve or alleviate the condition. A telephone conversation is not an examination.

What does treatment and payment mean in health care?

1 “Treatment” generally means the provision, coordination, or management of health care and related services… 2 “Payment” encompasses the various activities of health care providers to obtain payment or be reimbursed… 3 “Health care operations” are certain administrative, financial, legal, and quality improvement activities…